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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Thoughts on 'ships/'shippers from August 2007

This is a post about 'ships and 'shippers from 2007 that is just as valid today....


And no, I am not talking about sailing ships. I am talking about 'ships aka relationships. Specifically, 'ships are romantic relationships that take place between fictional characters on TV shows or in books series. And yes, in both cases it pretty much has to be a series. Why? Think about it and I'm sure you'll realize the answer...

Tonight I was watching Kyle XY. On that show, I 'ship Kyle/Amanda. In other words, I really want the two of them to be together. Well, for every Kyle XY episode, I write a review similar to my One Tree Hill reviews you've seen here. For tonight's review, I spent the first half of the review talking about how the relationship got severely screwed up tonight.

Than I thought to myself, "Wow, I've only been this passionate about a couple a few times." The other couples were/are: Pacey/Joey on Dawson's Creek, Naley on One Tree Hill, Max/Liz on Roswell, and LoVe on Veronica Mars. There have been other 'ships I care about, but none as fiercely as those.

Now, alot of people look at 'shippers as crazy people, with some justification. I cannot tell you the number of times that I have seen people go crazy because a show/author did something that they didn't like to a couple. For example, a few years ago, some Willow/Tara fans tried to literally shut down Mutant Enemy productions because Tara was killed on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Nasty words have been spread because of different 'ships on e-mail lists. I have even had a couple of e-mail list basically self-destruct because of this type of situation. Heck, Harry/Hermione fans got pissed off a few years ago at J.K. Rowling because she told them that Harry/Hermione was never going to happen. In fact, I seem to remember that they wanted to boycott the books unless she changed her mind; I could be wrong there.

These are not really 'shippers. At least, not in my book. A true 'shipper cares about the relationship, but is a fan of the show/book first and foremost. If there is no show/book, there is nothing to 'ship about. DUH!!!

Actually, that is a bit of a problem with fandoms in general. So many people don't appreciate the opportunity that they are given to play in someone else's playground and want everything done their way or else. That is just ridiculous. While I appreciate a TV show that keeps its fans in mind and might let them participate in the making of the show; see One Tree Hill for an example; from time to time, to let the fans dictate what will happen entirely is stupid. The people who created the show are letting us play with their characters. While I appreciate a good, justifiable rant now and then; I have delivered them myself; to rip a show to pieces because you don't like where it is going is ridiculous. If you don't like it, stop watching. Simple. Stop your bitching and moaning about it.

Oh and yes, let something happen *BEFORE* you complain. A lot of Supernatural fans were; heck maybe they still are for all I know; bitching about a couple of new female characters and complaining that they would ruin the show. Umm....they haven't even shown an episode yet and you already know its ruined. Please, give me tomorrow's winning lottery numbers if you can see the future that well. If the characters are bad, then complain once you've seen how it will work. But to complain about it before is beyond stupid.