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Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Review of Kyle XY 3.01- It All Happened One Night

Welcome back campers. After several months, we have new episodes. While I am not fond of the timeslot; it conflicts with other shows I watch; I am really happy to see Kyle XY again. And away we go.....

Well, where do I start. A few surprises, a few expected twists, and a power or two I don't remember seeing before.

Latnok *REALLY* wants to get to know Kyle something bad. They kidnapped Amanda, then shocked and kidnapped him, and sent him a message as a test? Wow. Talk about being serious about their scientific inquiry. But what exactly do they want to know? They know about his abilities, and now they know he can control them even under stress and pressure. Inquiring minds want to know....

Poor Jessi. All of the attention is; once again; focused on Kyle and she feels left out in the cold. His plans, his life affected, and she can't even leave without being pulled back in. Can't blame her for being a bit upset about the whole thing. Sort of stupid and unfair granted, but still.

I don't remember Kyle ever manipulating water to make it ice or enhancing his vision before. He may have, but if he has, I don't recall. Interesting additions to the repertoire of powers. The lengths to which Kyle will go to safeguard Amanda is astounding. I get it, he is in love, but it is still astounding. Going back to where he was held with no regard for what would happen to him, taking a bullet, and using the abilities that can be draining to him all to get her back. I am impressed. Unfortunately, she won't remember any of it. *le sigh*

Wow, Declan took that breakup harder than I imagined. Getting drunk and then making out with your exes BFF. Hope we don't get a repeat of last season's Declan. Wasn't so fond of him then. Although the conversation with Josh was somewhat amusing. Depressing, but amusing.

So Cassidy and TA; whose name I can *NEVER* remember; are with Latnok. Cassidy I had pretty much figured out. The TA, I had somewhat suspected, but had basically totally dismissed the idea. So that was a bit of a shock for me. Is there anyone in their life who is what they seem?

Stephen and Nicole with Amanda's mom was amusing. They were worried, but couldn't let her know. They had no clue what was happening exactly, but couldn't let on. And after drinking at least one glass of wine at home, she helpe polish off one bottle and then asks for another after announcing that she "doesn't partake"?!?

And now for Josh and Andy. Did they or didn't they? My money is on did they, but I could be wrong. Interesting end to that little subplot tonight....

This season, Kyle and Amanda breakup, Kyle and Jessi kiss, Kyle gets new powers, and Kyle is crying......

Until next week!