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Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Review of Kyle XY 3.02- Psychic Friend

Well, Kyle and Amanda hit the rocks big time; Jessi gets sucker punched again; Declan, Lori, and Hilary continue the odd triangle; Josh and Andi did do it and Stephen figured it out; and Mark (aka the TA) has a horrible case of bad timing. Oh, and did I mention that Latnok continues their experiments? Just another day in the life of Kyle Trager......

Well, Kyle and Amanda have hit the rocks before, but never quite this badly. Amanda caught Kyle in a lie thanks to Andi (although I can't be too mad at her, she didn't know about it) and reacted in a spectacular fashion. Can't say I totally blame her for going ballistic on Kyle like that, but you'd think she would know that Kyle only has her best interests in mind. Although I do also get that he can be way overprotective sometimes. She is trying to grow up and a part of that is being independent. Kyle wants the best for her, but he also has the need to protect her as much as he can. But he hasn't fully explained about why she needs protection, so she is missing large chunks of the picture. And Latnok is not helping matters by continuously manipulating events behind the scenes to test Kyle. And given the previews of next week and later in the season, things are going to get very messy here before they get better. If they get better

And to be honest, wasn't so fond of Kyle this week. He was so singularly; and understandably; focused on protecting Amanda that he missed that Jessi was hurting and he proceeded to hurt her worse. But I am glad that they patched things up. I have a feeling that a lot more patching is going to happen. And Jessi as his "soul-mate". Wonder what that was about. Guaranteed to put a further damper on all thing Kyle and Amanda though.

To answer last weeks question, Josh and Andi did have sex. Pretty much figured that, but confirmation is always nice. But Josh, dude, by acting all wierd and calling your dad by his first name, you were guaranteeing that he was going to figure it out. Andi's reasons for stopping sex didn't make much sense to me, but then again, I am a guy and maybe that is a girl thing. No offense meant to the ladies reading this. There has to be something else there. Although, I did love Stephen's initial reaction. His apology was even better. But given how he has reacted to things in the past, he seems to need a little time to adjust to what is going on. Nicole accepts it and moves on. Stephen, on the other hand, needs time. Interesting contrast.

Lori/Declan/Hilary triangle. Not really a love triangle, More of an odd friend triangle. I get Lori being upset, but I do think that she overreacted. Poor Declan. Rejected by Lori so he gets drunk and kisses Hilary. Lori catches them, and now neither is talking to him. But it looks like at least he and Lori have patched things up somewhat. This is going to take time though. I so hope they aren't going back to the Lori/Hilary cat fights of season 1. I was so not fond of those.

And the bad timing award goes to Mark. Right after Stephen figures out what Josh and Andi did, Mark comes strolling up to ask to date Lori.