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Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Review of Kyle XY 3.04- In the Company of Men

Kyle drunk, Kyle not drunk, Jessi and Lori bonding, Nicole and Jessi attempting to bond only to be interrupted by an irate Stephen, and Cassidy confusing the bejeezus out of Mark. All in all an amusing and interesting episode....

Again, an amusing opening. Kyle is pining away and everyone in the Trager household attempts to help him. Josh tries porn (surprise, surprise there), Lori tries music, Stephen tries to commiserate, and Jessi goes to electroshock. That was my personal favorite. So like her, just cut straight to the chase. Nicole, of course does the who psychologist thing which was neat. Best line was Nicole's about Kyle stinking.

So, it is now up to Declan to raise Kyle's spirits and in true Declan fashion, he takes Kyle to a bar. Even without the preview, I knew what was coming next. Lots and lots of drunken amusement. Interesting that Kyle still has his dexterity and coordination even when he is drunk. Bouncing the coin off of several things was particularly funny. I don't think I have enjoyed a drunken scene this much since Max from Roswell was pining over Liz. And of course, Kyle shows off his skills and mouths off at Foss.

Also, very interesting way of purging the alcohol. Gross, granted, but amusing. And to think that Max only required a kiss to get sober again. Sorry, I digress.

I am glad that Kyle finally admitted why he won't tell Amanda anything. And I never thought of Kyle as particularly insecure, but here he obviously is. Not that I totally blame him. Who knows how Amanda will react to what he has to say. I suspect that she would take it well, but you can never be sure.

And how cute were Lori and Jessi together? Real bonding taking place there. And you mean that Lori NEVER noticed that Jessi likes Kyle? You have got to be joking me. She has been so obvious about that since her reboot last season. I thought Lori was more observant than that.

Loved Josh being the sober and sane one out of that trio. Granted, one of them needed to be, but to think of Josh as the voice of reason is just too weird. And poor Declan. He has only ever really been good at basketball and now he loses that unless Kyle and Jessi can pull some miracle out of nowhere.

How much did Cassidy tell Jessi? And why does Mark all of a sudden have permission to date Lori? Does any of this have to do with Adam Baylin dying?

Tune into the future to find out....

Next week, Nicole is seriously injured in an accident and Kyle goes to Latnok for help....