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Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Review of Kyle XY 3.06- Welcome to Latnok

Interesting episode. We finally meet some of ordinary peons in Latnok. And many secrets come out....

Can I say that I actually dread Monday's now? Each Monday means one more episode closer to the end of Kyle XY. Now they are advertising it as "The Final Episodes." Now it is really real. Maybe I have been living in the land of denial, but it didn't really hit me until now. I hate ABC Family. They should give them a chance to wrap things up. Bet they won't, but they should.

Anyway, back from the depressing stuff. I did definitely like this episode more than last weeks. I must also say that last weeks now makes a little more sense. It seems to be setup for the rest of the season (ok, series).

The whole episode tonight was about keeping and discovering secrets. From Nicole and Stephen trying to keep their money problems a secret to the kids keeping their fundraising a secret to Kyle going to Latnok and telling no one to Jessi not telling Kyle about Amanda to Nate going to Amanda, everyone was keeping a secret. Some people also revealed them: Mark to Lori, Andi to Josh, and Jessi to various people (can't trust that girl to keep a secret).

Seeing Kyle fit in at Latnok was interesting. Even among geniuses, Kyle stands out. And Nate, dude, don't piss Kyle off. While he doesn't lash out the way Jessi will, he is fully capable of taking Nate apart if he keeps being such an @$$hole. The rest of the kids in Latnok seem cool, so this could be interesting. The only question is are they the REAL Latnok or just a front?

Josh's one track mind finally comes in very usefully. Using Jessi's apartment as a party pad wss inspired. Good way to make money, if a bit on the immoral side. But such a Josh thing.

Lori decides to help out by writing songs and selling them. She had a decent talk with Declan and then she has a good talk with Amanda. Very nice. Although it does set Amanda and Jessi up on another collision course.

Poor Mark. Finally honest with Lori and she semi-freaks on him. Can't blame her, but it still sucks. Nice to see him getting along with Kyle though.

It was sweet to see the whole family working together to help Kyle create that hover board. Very nice.

And Kyle, are you so blind that you STILL haven't figured out that Jessi likes you?!?!? Good grief!

Next week: Jessi/Kyle/Amanda/Nate romantic square. Kyle gets semi-violent and sees Jessi in a whole new light.