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Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Review of Kyle XY 3.08- Tell-Tale Heart

Appropriate name for the episode for several reasons which I will go into in a bit. This was a heavy episode with the main plot and one lighter and one not-so-light subplot. All revolved around relationships and love.

Before I begin the actual review, let me fill you in on something in case you do not know it. "The Tell-Tale Heart" is a short story by Edgar Allen Poe. In this story, the narrator kills an old man because he believes that the old man has an evil eye. He then proceeds to cut the old man up and hide him under the floor boards. After a while, the cops come to interview him about the old man. The killer thinks he hears the old man's heart beating. He becomes convinced that the cops hear it to and that they are playing with him and he finally confesses to the crime. A macabre story to be sure, but it is one of the things that makes this title so fitting for this episode.

Another reason this title is so fitting is that in all three of the plot/sub-plots tonight, the heart was paramount. Kyle's blooming feelings for Jessi, Josh's heart being crushed with Andi's leaving, and the Lori/Hilary/Declan triangle finding its equilibrium again. I have to say that Kyle kissing Jessi was a total shock for me. When they were in the tub and he was comforting her, I was in the process of planning my review and I thought about how sorry I felt for Jessi that she obviously was in love with someone who does not return the feeling. That kiss blew that line of thought away. That could have been a "feeling sorry for you" kiss, but somehow, I really doubt it. It; poarticularly when coupled with the narration; had much more of a "I love you" feeling. And as they were pulling apart, I honestly thought Amanda was going to be there, so having Nicole see that was also a shock to me.

My favorite scene in the whole episode was the holographic memory scene where Kyle was helping Jessi hold it together. That was when I connected the episode title with the short story. That simple heart beat; which you could hear before; gave the scene so much more meaning. Watching Jessi's face when she realized that she was listening to her "mother" die was heartbreaking. Watching the two of them just stare at each other, with Jessi holding Kyle's gaze like it was a lifeline keeping her afloat was amazing. I don't know if I have ever seen so much said with nothing being said since the episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer called "The Body". And it was my favorite scene, not the most enjoyable, but favorite because it marked a serious turning point in both the episode and I think the series. Jessi now knows for sure that Sarah is dead and that Cassidy had something to do with it. In terms of the episode, she has now conciously acknowledged
something she has subconciously known and can begin to heal. In terms of the show, she will probably now view Latnok as a whole; and Cassidy in particular; as THE ENEMY to be stopped at all costs.

Watching Josh fall to pieces over Andi leaving was heartbreaking. She was his first serious girlfriend and he has spent alot of emotional time and energy on her. Couple that with the two of them losing their virginity to each other and sit back and watch the meltdown. At the beginning when I first saw Josh going up to Stephen, my first thought was "Ok, what do you want?" Hearing him ask for permission to have Andi move in was interesting; if predictable. And you could tell that Stephen so wanted to say yes, or at least that he would think about it. But he couldn't. Onto Andi videotaping and Josh moping. I know Andi is as invested in this relationship as Josh is, but you wouldn't know it by watching her. Of course, she went through the denial and fighting it stage last week, so that could account for her taking things better this week. And watching Josh propose was sweet. Totally unrealistic, but sweet. My favorite scene in terms of sheer
humor was the Josh/Andi food fight. I just thought "Jean-Luc and Magda must be having the best time!" as I was watching that. Then the moment is totally spoiled with the comment "This is the Josh I am going to miss." Perfectly stated and Jean-Luc's reaction was perfect. He went from being so happy and having fun to depressed in 0.5 seconds. Then when he came home, my heart broke when I saw the look on his face when he turned toward Stephen. That was such a moment when a guy wants to be a kid again and just wants to be comforted by his dad. And the final scene with Josh and Andi curling up together was so cute and heart-wrenching.

And for the light sub-plot of the night, witness Declan pull the infamous "get two people are fighting into the same place and force them to work it out" routine. Provided all sorts of laughs. From Declan watching Lori dance; which had me in stitches; to Lori and Hilary escaping together and locking Declan out on the porch to the three of them sharing alaugh like old times, this sub-plot made the episode just a little lighter.

There were two scenes which I have to assume were setting something up and they were the scenes with Amanda and Nate and then with Nate and Cassidy. Amanda seeing the Latnok tattoo on Nate and mentioning Adam and Nate putting that name with Adam Baylin. Then Nate takes Sarah's ring and seems to convince Cassidy that Jessi took it. I think that Nate has some deeper connection to Adam and Latnok that we don't yet know about. And did anyone catch any information from that memo to Adam that Nate was looking at?

Next week: Jessi goes after Cassidy and Kyle and Jessi have a power fight.