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Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Review of Life Unexpected 1.03- Rent Uncollected

Ok, everyone let me know if this is a problem, but I am going to be including reviews of Life Unexpected from this point on. And here we go....

This initial review is going to be a review of the first three episodes as well as a general reaction, so please bear with me. Thanks!

Let us start with the pilot. We meet Lux (Brittany Robertson) as a young lady who is going to find her father and mother to become an emancipated minor. The entire pilot is about them meeting each other and figuring out what is going on. Her mother, Cate Cassidy (Shiri Appleby) is a control freak radio show host who has serious commitment issues. Her father, Nate "Baze" Bazile (Kristoffer Polaha) owns a bar a lives above it. The two of them hooked up one time in high school and that was enough for Cate to become pregnant. Baze and Cate sign the emancipation agreement only to later decide to give Lux a family. The judge hearing the case decides that Lux will be put into their temporary joint custody and to deny the application for emancipation. So Lux stays with Cate and her fiancee (and co-host) Ryan Thomas (Kerr Smith) while Baze takes her to and from school.

In the second episode, we find out that a social worker is coming to inspect the living places of Cate and Baze to see if they will be good places for Lux to stay. Unfortunately, Baze is a little careless with everything and messes up. He has a bong for a lamp (amusing and such a bachelor thing to have), misses a battery in the fire alarm, and has a sheep which almost seems to be a blow-up doll. Ok, that last one was just really odd. Lux misses her friends who want her back in their lives, but she has her dream of a mother and father and wants to stay with them.

That leads us into this weeks episode with its emphasis on family being the people who have always stood by you and not just your blood kin. Lux had always had a family with her friends from foster care. Tasha, Bug, and Tasha's boyfriend (the name is eluding me at the moment) are her family and she needs to integrate Cate and Baze into her life. Unfortunately, Cate; being a control freak; is doing what she thinks is best for Lux without really consulting Lux at all. This leads to tension and an explosion at a family dinner that causes Lux to ride away on the back of Bug's bike. Fortunately, Baze figures out what is wrong and talks to Cate and Cate apologizes to Lux and Lux apologizes to Cate and the integration of these Lux's family and Lux's parents begins.

I love the fact that Lux is such the grown up in all of her relationships. She; unfortunately; has been forced to grow up entirely too quickly as a result of her circumstances and it is taking Cate a while to realize this. Fortunately, Cate seems to learn things fairly quickly and doesn't repeat too many of the same mistakes, so she has that going for her. I also do think that Cate really has Lux's best interests at heart, even if she goes about trying to get them done in the worst possible way. Cate and Baze are trying so hard to be good parents and given the situation, they are not doing an awful job. Granted, they aren't doing it perfectly, but given the fact that a 16 year old just got thrown in their laps 2 weeks ago, they are adjusting well.

Lux's devotion to Cate and Baze is perfectly obvious. From standing up to her family to defend her parents to giving up the money meant to live on her own so that Baze gets to keep his bar to confronting Baze's dad and verbally bitchslapping him, Lux is just an awesome person. She could be a little more patient with Cate and Baze, but given the fact that her dreams of emancipation were shattered, she too is not doing to badly.

I look forward to seeing this show each week and hope y'all enjoy my reviews.