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Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Review of Life Unexpected 1.04- "Bong Intercepted"

Well, for the first time Cate didn't actually mess up. Baze grows up (sort of) and Lux seriously messes up.

So far, every week we tune in Cate does something to mess up. This time she didn't. I am 100% behind her in what she did. She; like any other concerned parent; did what she could to get an unfair punishment undone. I am 100% behind anti-drug rules, but they need to be enforced with a certain amount of common sense. Let me see, a lamp that used to be a bong being counted as drug paraphernalia? How does that work? Isn't drug paraphernalia supposed to help you do drugs? Common sense people. Granted, the file was an obvious move meant to play on emotions, but it is relevant to Lux's background and deciding on punishment. The fact that that little bitch was there and decided to totally humiliate Lux is in no way, shape, or form Cate's fault.

What Lux did on the other hand is totally different. She purposefully and spitefully hurt Cate and Ryan. I get it because she was publicly humiliated and really hurt, but that doesn't make it right. And while I was not fond of Cate's ultimatum the next morning, it seemed to be the kick that Lux needed. She needed to see that Cate can be pushed too far and will stand her ground. I also appreciate that Baze didn't use this as an opportunity to get Lux. Instead, he saw that Cate was doing what she thought was best and supported her. Good boy.

I do have to say that I laughed at his underhanded maneuver to get the "Drink and Date Night". It was slightly childish and petty, but plenty funny. I suspect that Cate and Ryan set it up a long time before and signed a contract which would make it hard to switch. I may be wrong about that though. I also have to say that Cate's reason for not wanting to use his bar was low, but accurate. It is a dive, but I am sure he wants it to be more.

I did feel sorry for Lux at school even though it was partially her fault. She wanted to be liked and did what she could do to be liked. Unfortunately, she got caught and the publicly outed. That would suck, but the part about it being her fault makes me feel slightly less sorry for her.

Next week y'all!