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Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Review of Life Unexpected 1.05- "Turtle Undefeated"

For the second week in a row of Lux messes up. Cate gets a revelation and Baze channels his father.

And wow, does Lux screw up big time. Throwing a party with teenager drinking beer above your dad's bar is so not a good idea. I am actually glad that Baze lost it on Lux. He is right, he has been like a big brother to her and she needed to learn about his limits. She hit them hard this episode and hopefully she'll learn from this.

I am not quite sure what to make of Natasha and Bug. While I sympathize with them, I do get tired of their being able to understand that Lux needs to fit into the world she lives in as well as theirs. Granted, she needs to not lie to them, but they need to stop being so critical of her efforts to fit in. And for god's sakes, stealing a car? Not exactly the smartest maneuver.

Well, Cate messes up by going to a party thrown by Lux. She wants what Lux and Baze have, which is very different from what she and Lux have. But I think Lux does need the strict parent that Cate is. At least Cate doesn't put Lux down the way some parents do. She may be a little overprotective and controlling, but given that she is new to this, she is not doing a bad job. I did thoroughly enjoy her and Baze's discussion in the jail. They had a very mature discussion and seemed to clear some things up. Good for them.

Wow, Baze can be a strict parent. Calling Lux stupid was not a smart move, but I think it can be forgiven. She betrayed his trust and he was understandably upset, particularly since this mess up could have cost him his bar, his house, and his daughter. As I said before, I think Lux needed to learn his limits and she did. Seeing him and his dad at the end was nice. They have a while to go, but it is a start.

Next week: Baze invades the radio station.....