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Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Review of Life Unexpected 1.06- Truth Unrevealed

Ryan and Cate come to figurative blows over Baze and Bug and Lux have words about what she does to help him.....

Let me start with Ryan. I do understand his being upset, but it did seem to come out of the blue. I don't remember much irritation from him in episodes past about Baze. He doesn't like Baze much (understandably), but he seemed to have accepted that Baze was a part of his and Cate's life because he is Lux's father. So this sudden irritation this week seemed a little odd. That being said, I am glad he said something. I know this is leading to a serious love triangle (or so it would seem), and I am not fond of those. While I do think that Baze is always going to be a part of the lives of Cate and Ryan, I do not think he is right for Cate. Or at least. not yet. Baze needs to grow up alot before he will be good enough for Cate. Right now he is too immature and unsettled to be good for Cate.

I do have to say that I laughed during the entire radio show with Ryan, Cate, and Baze. It was absolutely hilarious. While I do not want Cate and Baze together, they do have definite chemistry. Granted it is the snippy, ohmygodyourapaininmyass chemistry, but it is chemistry. And oh there are feelings there. It may be very minimal, but there are definite feelings between the two of them. I suspect that is mainly has to do with their link due to being the parents of Lux. but it could be more than that. I definitely worry for Ryan. Cate is lying to him and judging by the preview for next week, he doesn't take the truth too well.

I cannot say I am sorry to see Bug go. He has been being an ass to Lux for the past few weeks. He has been totally unsupportive of her attempts to fit in and belittles her because he feels threatened. And then this week he totally goes off on her when she is trying to help him. Granted, he didn't know she was trying to help him, but still. I feel sorry that Lux is hurting, but I think his being gone will be good for her. If only Jock Boy (forgot the name right now) would leave her alone. I see trouble coming.

Next week, war breaks out between Baze and Ryan....