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Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Review of Life Unexpected 1.07- Crisis Unaverted

My reviews are going to be late for the next several weeks. I have something going on Mondays that will prevent me from watching and reviewing, so expect them on Tuesdays or Wednesdays. Now, onto the review...

I have to feel for Cate. Granted, she brought what happened with Ryan on herself, but I still feel for her. I think she was totally freaked out by what happened and just wanted to forget about it. Unfortunately, this never seems to work out for people. Lying and hiding things always makes it worse, never better. While I am glad that she came clean, it should have happened so much sooner.

What Lux did to her is totally different. I get that Lux wants Tasha to stay around because Tasha is like her sister, but to try and get Cate to take Tasha in just after what happened was so not a good idea. Cate was in no way ready to take in another teenager. Lux knew this too; witness her comment about it being a bad time; and her reaction, while understandable, was really unfair to Cate. Cate did promise to be there, but at the moment and with that particular request, it wasn't going to happen.

Every time Baze and Ryan came into proximity with each other I kept waiting for the rulers to come out for comparison. The sheer amount of testosterone being put off by the two of them was enough to drown several small countries. I just kept rolling my eyes and patiently waiting. I did admire Baze for his restraint in not telling Ryan about his sleeping with Cate though.

I cannot comprehend why Tasha's mom didn't want her. I get that she is in a good place, but to totally turn your daughter away is just incomprehensible and reprehensible to me.

Next week, more drama.....