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Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Review of Life Unexpected 1.08- Bride Unbridled

Wow, um, not terribly happy with the writers' of this show right now for reasons explained below. They seemed to have pulled one of my least favorite CPDs. Rant below.....

I really hate it when writers pull character reactions out of nowhere in order to create drama. Particularly when the drama is not really necessary. Last week, I was worried because of Ryan's sudden belligerence aimed at Baze. While the two have never gotten along, Ryan seeming to all of a sudden start going off about Baze seemed ridiculous and contrived. Unfortunately with this week's sudden turnaround, it seems that the writers used this to cause drama between Cate and Ryan. While I know that drama is necessary for this type of show, having contrived drama is annoying. I get that Ryan and Baze are going to compete for a place in Lux's life and that drama makes sense. The fight between Ryan and Cate over Baze on the other hand had little to no build-up and its suddenness makes it convenient and (as I have said) annoying.

Other than this, I really loved the episode. Jones was seriously sweet in wanting to help Lux out. Granted, he likes her and needed the encouragement, but does anyone really think that a guy in high school would give up most of his Saturday to take a girl to a friend's house several hours away unless he *REALLY* likes her? Not me, I do declare. I also admire the fact that he was honest about what happened. I get his not saying anything upfront because he didn't want to get her upset, but she would have been even more upset if he hadn't told her. I also gotta give it to Baze for coming up with the idea. And who would've thunk that Baze and Ryan would not only bury the hatchet, but would team up to help Lux? Well, now that I think about it, I think she is the only thing that could have brought them together.

As for the bridal expo, damn, I feel for Cate and Ryan. Both of them have to pretend that they are the happy couple for their audience. That has to suck. And having Baze show up unexpectedly and be put into that game is putting so much strain on them. It seemed like they might even start to make-up a little when Baze showed up. I do hope that they work this out eventually. I suspect that this might happen in the season finale but I could be wrong.

Next week: A Winter formal, a high school quarterback, and a high school history repeating itself?