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Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Review of Life Unexpected 1.09- Formal Reformed

Well, well, well, this was an interesting episode. History comes back to bite everyone on the @$$......

Well, this was Baze's week to be ripped apart. Between his date set-up last week; which I thought was actually sort of sweet; his fickleness related to Jones this week, and his bringing in Abby to have "the Talk" with Lux, he has seriously screwed up. Cate is right, Baze is not the most responsible parent. He does want to protect Lux, but he also seems to shy away from the hard parental stuff. I can tell you, talking sex with kids is not the easiest thing in the world, but it is something that needs to be done. A responsible parent ought to do it on their own and not pawn it off onto someone else. While I sort of get his not wanting to call Cate, calling in her sister strikes me as wildly inappropriate.

Cate took a long walk down history lane tonight. Going back to what happened the night that Lux was conceived and watching how much Baze hurt her with his comments and actions was just painful. I am glad that she is trying to let it all go. She needs to do that and I hope that by doing so, she might have a chance to get Ryan back.

Watching Cate and Math together was really neat. While I love them as friends, I sincerely hope that they are not going anywhere romantic with this. I don't think they are and I am sincerely praying that they don't. That would just be too weird.

And watch Lux screw up. She was right in what she said to Bug. He was gone and Jones asked her to go to a dance. She chose to go and then Bug just walks back into her life. He has no right to be upset with her. If he had called or somehow let her know that he was coming, he would have had a leg to stand on, but he didn't. I am sort of glad he showed up in the end. That earns him some brownie points, but he is going to have to seriously work to be seen as a good guy by me. At this point, I prefer Jones because he has been generally good to Lux, but if Bug proves himself, it will be an interesting contest.

Next week, therapy, Lux declaring that she hates Cate, and the social worker suggesting a different placement for Lux. Sounds like fun.....