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Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Review of Life Unexpected 1.13- Love Unexpected

Married, married, who got married? Cate and Ryan or Cate and Baze? And Lux's dream comes true.....

Well, that was not quite the ending I expected for the season, but I am glad for that. When I saw the previews with Baze running into the church, I assumed that Cate would freeze and not be able to decide between them. I am glad that she decided on Ryan, although I do wonder how much of that has to do with the fact that she put herself out there for Baze and he rejected her. Everyone can tell that he has deep feelings for her and that she loves him. She loves Ryan too, but as the father of her child, she is always going to have a special place in her heart for Baze.

I did feel sorry for Lux. Everything is so starting to pull itself together for her. Her parents have full custody of her. Her mom and dad are getting along. She finally has a family. Then her dad chokes and can't tell her mom how he feels. While we know she loves Ryan, she does want Baze and Cate together. But seeing as Baze can't step up, she tells Cate to go with Ryan. Not ideal for her, but it works.

I also feel sorry for Baze. His dad is such a total dick. How anyone can treat their son that way and expect to be invited to important things is beyond me. He shows Baze no love and then is hurt and surprised when Baze doesn't show love back. Duh! I am aglad he came back in the end, although it so should not have taken that sort of scene to get him to say what he did. I am glad that he is sticking around. Cate needs someone stable and committed to help her get through everything.

Until next season....(hopefully).....