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Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Review of Life Unexpected 2.02- Parents Unemployed

Cate and Baze go on a job hunt, Cate and Ryan have words, and Lux is told she is close to failing out of school.

Ok, I am going to start in on Lux. Girl, I am pissed at and severely disappointed in you. Cheating on an exam? I am foreseeing nothing but trouble out of this. I do understand that she is under a lot of pressure to preform, but cheating by stealing and photographing the answer key is so beyond the pale that I cannot even adequately express my disgust with her. My one consolation is that she seems to feel very guilty about it and I so hope that she learns and grows from this experience.

The other story with Lux tonight was the continuation of her romantic night with Eric. I appreciate that it was that night that gave her the ability to do the right thing about the engagement, but she so needs to stay away from Eric. He is trying to stay away from her, and she is not making it very easy. You have to admire his determination to avoid any situation with her; at least initially. By the end of the episode, he started to cave. I worry about this....

It was nice to see Baze really go out there and get something he wants. He finally seems to be doing something because HE wants it, not because his dad does or does not want it. Seeing his determination and perseverance was really cool. I do wonder how he will deal with this type of job. I really hope he succeeds. I do wonder if the bar will come back. His meeting Paige and realizing who she was was great.

I feel for poor Cate. Getting released last week was bad enough. Then finding out that Ryan wanted her to come back on as a producer was definitely humiliating; at first. Once we heard his reasons, we realized that it was so not humiliating. Did she overreact? Yes, but understandably so. I hope that taking this job will somehow result in the firing of the other girl (Kelly?).

Next week, Ryan finds out about Paige and Baze. Uh oh.......