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Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Review of Life Unexpected 2.04- Team Rebounded

Cate and Kelly become friends (sort of), Ryan and Cate come to and agreement (sort of), Baze comes to a realization, and Tasha returns....

Well, Cate had an eventful night.  First, whe has to make nice with Kelly.  Not sure if sharing that much personal information is wise when you're drinking though.  That is just begging for a badly timed share.  I will just say that I have no clue why they didn't discuss this issue *BEFORE* the wedding.  Seriously, that is just something that a couple should talk about.  Not to do so is just totally moronic.  While I am glad that they did finally talk about it, Cate then goes and (predictably) spoils it by then taking contraception.  I am not at all surprised she did it (and actually I figured out it was going to happen), I am disappointed.  I was so hoping that she was going to rise above herself and work with Ryan.  This is not a male thing, this is a keeping your word thing.  Period.

And finally Ryan lays everything out for Cate to see.  While he loves Lux and wants to be like a dad, he knows it will never happen and wants a child of his own.  Totally understandable.  Unfortunately he cannot seem to trust Cate about this.  Hope this doesn't get too messy, although I am totally exepecting a major blow out, probably around mid-season time.

Lux, honey, Cate said that she would take Tasha in as a last resort (ok not exactly those words, but that was the idea).  That doesn't mean that you go and ruin the house of a woman who is fostering Tasha to get her to move in with you.  And what exactly happened with Lux and the woman (Wendy?)?  Lux said to Tasha that it was bad, but from what the social worker said and what I saw in the letter, it seemed to be a great placement.  Really curious about this and so hope they go into this soon.  I wonder if this has anything to do with her bad grades.

Cate, part deux.  Marriage means making *JOINT* decisions about the big things.  Learn this and your life will be a helluva lot easier.  I do have to say that I loved how they handled the whole thing with Tasha though.

Baze got an interesting revelation tonight.  I will say that I think his cushioning the blow to Math was the best way to handle it given the circumstances.  Paige totally should have manned (womaned ?) up and done it herself, but like a little coward she passed it onto Baze.  And Baze tried to let Math down easy and not bruise his ego too badly.  Unfortunately, given the misunderstanding of the kiss, Math wouldn't be let down nicely and Baze had to hit him with the brutal truth.  Not fun, but the best that could be hoped for all things considered.  And the basketball team celebrating over scoring 3 points was totally cute.

Next week, an OTH-LUX crossover.....