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Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Review of Life Unexpected 2.05- Music Faced

Ryan finds out about Cate's lies, Lux and Baze find out about the pregnancy attempts, Cate gets some major revelations, Baze finds a possible love interest in an unexpected location, and Lux finds surprise when she sees Tasha kissing someone.....

contraceptives and I was right.  I get her worries, but lying is never the answer.  When oh when are you going to figure that out?  I am glad Ryan is sticking around, but I fear that we haven't seen the last of lying Cate.  And as for that blow-out with her mom, wow.  Her mom so shouldn't have said some of what she did, but the same goes for Cate.  I am glad that they patched it up.  Thank goodness Cate learns quickly, even if only temporarily.

I am not fond of the way Tasha addressed Lux even if she did have valid points.  There is a much better way to do things than she did.  Yes, Lux is lucky to have everything she has, but that doesn't make her feelings any less valid.  Eric was absolutely correct in what he said to Lux.   She has been shuffled around so much that when it seems that someone is going to accept her, she tends to push them away.  Baze and Cate are the exception and even they took a while for her to warm up to.  I do wonder what the future holds for her and Jones.  I do hope we are not about to start a love triangle.  I loved the last scene with Lux and Cate.  That was quite beautiful.

Watching Baze and Emma (his boss) was interesting.  They seem to be heading to a love relationship and while that might be interesting, I do wonder if he could handle her as strictly a friend.  That would be interesting.  I laughed so hard when Emma said that Cate looked like that girl from Roswell.  Love the shoutout to a show I love.  Whether she helps him move on as a friend or more, I love watching these two interact.

I also LOVED how the show used Haley's past to help out Cate.  That was really neat.  And the way the show integrated music was incredibly reminiscent of what One Tree Hill does.  That was neat to see.  Never heard of Ben Lee, but I definitely liked him and I love Sarah McLachlan so that was a total treat.

Next week, Ryan and Cate go on a vacation only to wind up with a familiar face next door.....