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Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Review of Life Unexpected 2.06- Honeymoon Interrupted

Ryan and Cate have a massive blowup as secrets are revealed, Eric and Lux come to a crossroads of sorts, and Baze and Emma come to an understanding.

I'm going to start with Lux and Eric.  From walking in on your teacher (and crush) walking out of your aunt's bedroom to having trouble with exams he is supposed to be tutoring her on, these two had a rough week.  The tension between the two is absolutely palpable.  I was glad that they had their blow-up.  It gave both of them a chance to clear the air about what is bothering them.  It also gave Eric the chance to review Lux's tests and determine that she might have a learning disability.  I do hope that this is continued and not just dropped in this week.  If that is the reason behind her trouble with grades, then hopefully she can get help and pull herself up.

Ryan and Cate start off happy and light and end in a pretty dark place.  Their doubts that we saw right before their wedding come out and the results are not pretty.  Ryan was having doubts because he thought that he might have gotten his ex pregnant.  And what a way for Cate to find out.  So not good.  And then Baze; in a moment of honest confusion; tells Ryan about Cate coming to see him before the wedding just made everything worse.  These too seriously need to get into marriage counseling to air their issues and talk things out.  That has always been their problem, keeping secrets from each other.  I never thought I would say this, but I am glad that Paige and Baze have big mouths at this point.  If Ryan and Cate are going to make this work, they need to get everything out in the open.

Baze and Emma were amusing.  Emma's date being gay was a funny twist.  It is even funnier when I realized where I have seen the actor before.  He played a frat brother on Dawson's Creek who Jack (played by Kerr Smith) dated for a brief period before being "traded in for a younger model".  Dating the boss is a bad idea.  Dating the boss' son is possibly even a worse idea.  I shudder at the possibilities for destruction present in this particular pairing.

Next week, Eric and Lux get caught by Tasha.  Uh oh......