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Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Review of Life Unexpected 2.07- Camp Grounded

On a camping trip, secrets are revealed and other things are stripped away.... (Ok, I had to say that...)

First, my DVR had a weird quirk and I missed the episode before the credits.  So I may be missing some information.

Let's start with Ryan and Cate.  Still fighting from the second honeymoon debacle.  This is a case where I have to take Cate's side.  Ryan has always been the steady guy who is there to keep Cate in balance.  I swear that these two never really talked before the wedding.  Is it really a wonder that they are having so much trouble now that they are married?  When you don't really know your spouse, the real them must be somewhat shocking.  From the first time we saw Cate, she has been neurotic, self-destructive, and just flat-out weird.  She needs a steady, balancing person to help keep her level.  In fairness to Ryan, he said all of this himself, which I am grateful for.  And the final line where he was asking about therapy gives me a certain amount of hope.

Baze has been playing the level middleman this season.  That is really nice to see.  He is really pulling it together and helping to keep Ryan and Cate going.  I love that Emma acknowledges his odd position as sort of a third person in Ryan and Cate's marriage and is willing to accept it.  I really hope she means it and is willing to keep going because anyone who dates Baze is going to have to be secure enough to accept this odd relationship.  Baze handled both Ryan and Cate nicely and helped them out without being judgmental or trying to come between them, a total 180 from last season.  And Emma helped Lux to come to a decision.  More on that in a bit.

Lux, honey, no matter how right it feels, seeing a teacher is so not a good idea.  I don't care how freaking hot he is (and yes, I would totally make out with him if given the chance!), teacher and students kissing=BADNESS!!!!!  I admire her restraint in not smacking that bitch from her class, but I wish she had listened to Tasha.  Lux is a grownup in so many ways because of her past, but legally speaking, this is just bad, bad, BAD!  I hope Tasha continues to remain non-judgmental, which I hope will give her a chance to stop this before more badness happens.

Next week, guys night out and Cate dances on a bar.....