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Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Review of Life Unexpected 2.08- Plumber Cracked

A lot of truth comes out.  Ryan, Baze, and the guys have a "Guys Night Out," Emma has a son, Cate's attempt to get Paige drunk to get info on Julia backfires, and Lux and Tasha are having ISSUES......

I continue to be severely disappointed in Lux and Eric.  While I admit that they are a cute couple, they are risking more than just Eric's job to be together.  Lux is risking Tasha's friendship and the trust that Cate has put in Tasha.  Lux totally deserves having Tasha jump all over her.  I do sort of hope that Tasha does something to end the relationship between Lux and Eric, although I doubt that she will.  Eric needs to man up and just end this, period.  He is the adult, Lux is the child.  He needs to do the right thing.

I must say that I did not see the whole "Emma has a child" thing coming.  I assumed that the mysterious man was a a brother or something, not a son.  I do not understand why she felt the need to hide this from Baze.  He pretty much wrote the book on messing up with a teenager and then getting it right.  I am glad that he has so grown up this season.  I know I have said it before, and I will keep saying it.  He is becoming a wonderful man and dad.  I hope this is a permanent change and not some temporary thing.

Cate and Ryan are now separated.  Not totally surprising, but still a bit of a jolt.  But seeing the number of lies that the two of them have told each other, they need the time apart.  They really need to take time to consider everything that has happened and then get together and have a nice long talk.  Watching Cate's attempt to get Paige to talk backfire was really amusing.  A drunk Cate is just fun to watch.  Strip pool...<snerk>  Then watching her mother Tasha was just totally sweet.  I feel so bad for Tasha and want the truth to come out so that she can be restored in the sight of Cate.

Next week, Lux was abused?.....