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Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Review of Life Unexpected 2.10- Thanks Ungiven

Secrets, secrets, who knows the secrets.......

Everyone has secrets that they need to keep and most of them come out.  And here we go.

First, Lux.  About the only person whose secret didn't come out.  She was so ready to confess about Eric to Cate when the police showed up.  Watching the dance that she and Sam were doing was just too much fun.  He has the potential to either be a total and complete @$$hole or a really cool character.  I wonder where he'll go.  I do think he would actually be good for Lux, but if he keeps up with the blackmail, it ain't never gonna happen.  Lux and Tasha have a relationship that is seriously going to be on the rocks.  I think it will make it through, but I do wonder how long it will take before the two of them are back on solid ground.

I totally get why Cate wanted to hide the pregnancy from Ryan.  With their marriage in trouble, she wants to know that Ryan wants her.  I can totally get that and would be that way myself if I were a pregnant woman.  Abby was being a serious bitch sticking her nose where it didn't belong.  Granted, Cate has a history of hiding things, but can't you respect her freaking privacy?  Let her be sure, let her break the news in her own time.  Instead, she kept pressing and pressing until Cate blurted it out.  Totally uncool.

Baze's dad continues to compete with Bitchtoria (from OTH) for one of the worst parents currently on TV.  I understand that he wants his rules followed, but can't he at least be grateful that Baze has in fact grown into a very good man and that Emma is a large part of that change?  I wish there had been a different way for Baze, but his dad backed him into a serious corner.  Baze is not the type you want to do that to.

Next week, Tasha is on trial and Lux drops a massive bomb.....