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Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Review of Life Unexpected 2.11- Stand Taken

This is the last review from 2010.  Next is 2011, which will be the last of my copies from LiveJournal.  Yea!


Holy crap....previous secrets could not hold a candle to the secrets revealed this week.  Owowowowowowow.......

Most of the secrets revealed in this episode were revealed in the previews, which definitely upsets me.  That moment where Lux revealed what Trey had done to her should have remained a secret and unspoiled.  Unfortunately, it was spoiled and therefore a large portion of the shock was negated.  That being said, I definitely was impressed by this episode.  Let me get to the characters now.

Lux has always kept secrets.  Between not wanting to give Cate and Baze a reason to reject her and what I am sure was a feeling that she had earned what had happened, she has been very careful when talking about the past.  We have had clues that there were bad things that had occurred at Valerie and Trey's but I must say that I was not expecting what we got.  I figured that there was some sort of physical or emotion abuse, but sexual abuse did not quite enter my mind.  I am glad it didn't go any further than it did, but how far it got was bad enough.  I am also very glad she told the truth at last.  It took Tasha seriously guilting her into telling the truth, but at least she did it.  I will say that I am sure that things will change between her and Eric, but I don't know whether it will be a change for the better or the worse.

I am not sure who takes the news harder, Baze or Cate.  Baze has a very guy-like reaction which is to go out and beat on the man who hurt his daughter.  He just wants to fix the problem.  It was nice to see that he and his dad are back on talking terms, even if it took Emma going behind his back to do it.  He has grown up so much since the beginning of the series, and he is right; Lux is the catalyst of the change.  My heart definitely broke when I saw him being so upset in his jeep after that talk with his dad.  He is so clearly frustrated and feeling helpless about the whole situation.  Cate has a much more interesting reaction to the news.  Instead of looking to beat Trey as Baze wants, she goes to Valerie and talks to her as one mother talks to another.  That was very cool.  Seeing how much Cate believes in Lux despite everything is just awesome.  I am definitely glad about that.

I have to say that the last 2 minutes totally threw me.  We went from a celebration of Lux coming into their life to a very interesting conversation between Emma and Baze's dad.  So the two of them had an affair?  Wow.  I was so not expecting that particular wrinkle.  Also, Lux overheard and given the previews, this is going to get *SERIOUSLY* messy.

Life Unexpected will be back for a season (and probably series) finale 2-hour event on January 18th.  Until then, have fun!