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Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Review of One Tree Hill 6.13- Things a Mama Don't Know

Hopefully, I can finish up today.  This is the start of 2009.  Will let you know when it ends.


Welcome back. Tonight Peyton has big news for Lucas, Mouth and Millie do an imitation of a banana, Nathan adjusts to life as a basketball player, and Brooke gets in touch with some pent-up anger loosing a couple of secrets at the same time....

Well, Peyton is pregnant. No cancer, no miscarriage, just pregnant. Thank goodness. I was worried there. And of course, first thing she does is call Lucas. And then makes a little slip in front of Haley who promptly figures it out and calls dibs on being godmother. So cute. That was the lightness of this episode. Assuming that they keep to the whole 2 seasons is a year thing, I would expect the baby to appear at the end of next season or the beginning of the one after that, barring any complications.

Brooke has no more pent-up anger. She let it all out and kicked her attackers @$$. Wow. She spent so much emotional energy worrying about Sam and then met creepy guy; whose name I don't even want to remember. He says "Have a good night." which triggers her memory and she realizes he is her attacker. So she pounds down his door, pepper sprays him, kicks him and then frees Sam. They fight, she grabs a gun and holds it to his head. I honestly thought she was going to shoot him, even if only to wound somewhere beside the head. Then Sam calls her mom and she relents after kicking him one more time. Then they find out that creepy guy killed Quentin. Wow. We knew that, but she didn't. Hopefully now she can heal and move on.

Mouth and Millie did their imitation of a banana and split. I am torn on this one because there is enough blame to go around. If Mouth hadn't kept on flirting with Gigi, Millie wouldn't have left and gotten drunk and slept with Owen. Both are seriously at fault here. Hope they work it out.

I am so glad Nathan got onto that basketball team. I assume it is a minor league team; or whatever they call it in basketball. Of course, we have the obligatory @$$hole on the team, and of course he is Nathan's rival. This ought to be interesting.

Lucas actually defended Julian. Very interesting. Wonder how much of that has to do with his history with Dan? I so want to see this work out well for them.

Julian and Brooke taking baby steps. This should be interesting. Could be very funny too. Can't wait.

Jamie and Andre going off together to see Quentin was entirely too cute. I really liked that the two of them were more or less on their own this episode. And poor Mrs. Fields. Her son goes wandering off and she needs to find him. At least he left a note.

Next week: Julian and Brooke take a step forwards, Millie and Brooke take a step back.

By the way, starting next week, I will not be watching OTH on Monday nights. I will be watching it online Thursdays and will post reviews then. Sort of complicated scheduling difficulties.