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Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Review of One Tree Hill 6.15- We Change, We Wait

Wow...ok. And now the movie drama starts in earnest. And Dan sure has changed. But more on that after this....

Well, well, well. A director has been chosen. And it is the annoying @$$wipe who wants Lucas to propose to Haley. Good god, I see drama coming. And fireworks between the director and Lucas. I do have to say that the other director they showed was really funny. In a pathetic sort of way, but still funny. I am so trying to imagine Lucas in a gang and living in a trailer park while Brooke lives in Charlotte.

Lucas "proposing" to Haley was also really funny. Creepy, but funny. I did love her reaction to seeing that and to hearing about the plans to change the end of the movie. And I am so glad she told Peyton about the rings and Lucas' thoughts. Peyton so wanted Keith's ring, but Lucas didn't want to reopen old wounds. Totally understandable from both fronts. Glad she took care of it quickly. And Lucas' proposal by the lake was too cute.

Speaking of cute, how adorable was it that Jamie called the coach? Quoting Grandpa Dan was great. I had figured it out when I heard him talking the first time, but it was too fun. And watching him get all mad that Daddy wasn't playing was fun. Jackson is entirely too cute and adorable.

And Dan certainly has changed. Instead of going all beserk about Nathan not playing, he is calm and supportive. And how nice was it that Nathan listened and didn't just reject Dan out of hand? This could be promising. And loved that the @$$hole 23 got his just dessert and had to watch as Nathan helped them win the game. I love karma!

Brooke and Julian are a nice couple. I am glad she wants to be a good example for Sam. I also think he will be good for her, assuming he stays around; which I consider to be unlikely, but possible. And it was interesting how wrong Peyton was about him. Although, given what she knew, her feeling were understandable.

Mia and Chase. Interesting couple. Not so into them, and was not sure why they were in this episode. They just seemed to be filler or something. Would have preferred Skillz, Mouth, Millie, Junk, Fergie, or Deb in there.

Until next week....