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Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Review of One Tree Hill 6.16- Screenwriter's Blues

Pretty funny episode. A lot of great callbacks.

Well, before anything else, can I say how much I appreciated the first few minutes. Shirtless potential Nathan's all around. YUMMY! Sorry, had to say that. Now onto the actual review. :-)

I really enjoyed the casting of the movie. Seeing all the potential actors around was quite amusing. Aside from the shirtless Nathan factor, watching the Peyton's, a few Haley's, and the occasional Lucas' was quite amusing. Watching Peyton try and bring Lucas lunch and finally have to audition to be herself to get it to him, quite funny. Watching the actress playing Brooke follow her around to figure her out was hilarious. As soon as I saw Brooke going up to her car, I knew we were going to have a backseat popup. Watching Brooke have a heart attack was just a bonus. Loved seeing Brooke and Peyton do additional bonding and discussing the "girl code" during the registry shopping trip. And the mention of the infamous sextape and Brooke's reaction were classic.

Poor Lucas. He is so wrapped up in finding something exactly like what he is looking for, I wonder if that really is for the best. Don't get me wrong, I don't want some bimbo (or himbo for that matter) playing any of our beloved characters, but maybe bending a bit might help him out. Glad that they got everyone cast ok.

Skillz, babyproofer. Uh huh....good for comedy, not so good for the character. I do wish that they had given him more to do. And poor Fergie. At least the actor got a line referencing how little he has been on recently.

Nathan....ow.....that sucks. He thought he was just talking about putting a guy on the bench, instead, the guy gets fired. Granted, the guy was a jack@ss, but that still sucks. At least Nathan is starting.

And Haley, proud as I am that you stood up for what you believe in, I do wonder if it will be for the best. Here's hoping.

I loved Dan and Jamie tonight. Jamie invited his teacher over for a date?!? Oh no.... Although I have to say that watching Jamie get all jealous was funny. And he reacted the same way I have seen some of the other characters on the show react when they were in high school. Either that says alot about him, a lot about them, or both.....

I loved the readthrough. The way it connected the characters with what us actually going on was great. I cannot wait to see more of this movie.

Bethany did a wonderful job as a director. She is the third (or is it fourth or fifth?) actor from the show to direct. I know Paul and Moira did. Does anyone remember if Craig or Barbara have?

Until next time.