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Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Review of One Tree Hill 6.18- Searching for a Former Clarity

Well, this was an interesting episode. Couple of things came to a head, one in an incredibly amusing yet macabre manner. Others in an interesting and not terribly surprising manner.

Well, tonight was a night of battles. Haley v. the Principal, Brooke v. Sam, Brooke v. Julian, Julian and Lucas v. the Production Company, Peyton, Haley, and Mia v. the Album company. In a more subtle battle we saw Deb v. Skillz. In an amusing moment, we had Dan v. the stoner's dog.

Let's start with Haley and the principal. I don't remember exactly what the essay that Sam wrote said and I understand Haley wanting to stand up for what she believes in, but was it worth her job? I hope so, and judging from the previews for next week, this firing won't last long, so this may be a moot point. I really admire Haley for doing that; don't know if I would have to be honest; and I wonder if she would have if Nathan didn't have a job. I suspect she might have anyways, but I do wonder.

Brooke was fighting a war on two fronts tonight. First, against Sam. I have a hard time being mad at Brooke about this one. I am upset at her for calling Sam "unfixable" given everything she has seen Sam go through. However, I think we all know that she was so upset about Julian and everything that she didn't think before she spoke and said something she didn't truly mean. I do understand Sam not saying anything earlier, between her loyalty to Jack and thinking that Brooke would not believe her. Glad Julian came to fix that. And Brooke v. Julian was the cold war of the night with no actual battles and just people ignoring each other.

Julian and Lucas got the rug pulled out from under them. Well, bubbye movie! Makes sense given the rumors about Chad and all. Can't have it around too long. As much as I dislike James van der Beek's character, he *DID* have style. A smarmy and obnoxious style, granted, but still style. And the total lack of morals didn't hurt either.

The record company v. the producers and the artist. This could be interesting. I loved that song. Seemed that this story was in to keep up with the ongoing album storyline and to fit in with the standing up for what you believe in theme of tonight's episode.

Please tell me I am not the only one who totally cracked up when that dog ran off with Dan's heart. I was absolutely roaring! Stoner brings up leash at just the right moment, trips the guy carrying the heart, dog grabs it and runs off. Just too d@mn funny. I still am laughing about that one. And best line of the night goes to Lucas: "Well, it's about time." (in a totally deadpan voice of course). And Dan yelling at God and the universe was just classic.

I feel bad for Jamie. He has only ever known Grandpa Dan as a good guy who has helped him out and been there for him. Now he discovers that Grandpa Dan shot and killed Great-Uncle Keith just like Quentin was shot and killed. At least he has his fantasy world where everything is ok.

And Deb and Skillz. I am of two minds about this one. While I love them as a couple and find them to be absolutely hilarious, I do have to agree with Deb that Skillz should have more. But Skillz does care about her, so maybe she is enough. Who knows?

Next week, Julian is back, Haley may be back, the principal continues to be a b!tch, and things get interesting.

Until then!