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Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Review of One Tree Hill 6.19- Letting Go

What an apt name for the episode. Everyone tonight let go of something or someone. While the episode was not powerful in the same way as past episodes, it had its own type of power in a much more subtle way.

Let's start with Haley. She loves music and she loves teaching. And obviously, the kids love her. Or, they just enjoy bucking authority so much that they want to be taught at her house. Or both. Haley let go of her teaching job tonight at last. She told the principal off in a very-Haleylike manner and left on her own terms. Good for her. Maybe she'll come back, but if so, I suspect it will be on her own terms as well. I really am proud of her. She supported the principal in front of the kids and only let the principal have it in private. That is the way it should be. Have to admire her for that.

I find it somewhat hard to believe that Lucas is having trouble with thinking he is going to be a good dad. Unless his real worry; and now that I think about it this is probably it; is that he is going to be a single dad. I can tell that Peyton is definitely straying in that direction. Looking at that box of stuff she has collected tells me that she is seriously preparing to die and wants her baby to know about important events in her life. But Lucas is so much like Keith, as people have been saying since last season. While Jamie does not suffer from an absentee dad, he has the equivalent of Keith in Lucas. Not a perfect man, but someone he can look up to and talk with.

I loved watching Jamie, Nathan, and Lucas in the garage. Seeing them there was really neat. Jamie got to see something of his great-Uncle Keith's that he hasn't seen before and he is learning about Keith from his Uncle Lucas and his dad. Watching jamie fix the car was entirely too cute.

I have to say that I am proud of Brooke. Too many times in the past, she has looked to men to protect her or save her or as a crucial part of her identity. Seeing her be strong enough to stand on her own and put Sam's needs in front of her own was incredible. Not surprising, but still incredible. I did feel really sorry for Julian though. I know he really does love Brooke and wants her to be with him, but I think she still needs to be in Tree Hill for Sam.

Speaking of Sam, how cute was she tonight with Jack? The kiss, while totally predictable, was imensely funny and led to the best line of the night: "This is awkward." That was neat.

I am glad to see Mouth and Millie back together. I do like them as a couple and really want them to stay together. I could kill Skillz for putting Mouth anywhere near Gigi. While Mouth did things that caused the breakup, Gigi was the factor that really led everything on. I am so proud of Mouth for refusing to compromise and was ready to forgive Skillz when he agreed to leave and then took Mouth to Millie.

In three weeks, the final five episodes of the season are back. We will see Nick Lachey, Peyton in a car accident, Julian comes back, and Peyton (I think) is on the floor and bloody. Not good.....