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Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Review of One Tree Hill 6.23- Forever and Almost Always

I so loved this episode. There was so much to love and so much hilarity. More about that later....

Not sure where to start, so I'll go for Lucas and Peyton. This was their big day. The day Lucas has been dreaming about and looking forward too since we first met him all those years ago. Persistence really does pay off. The scenery was beautiful and they were surrounded by family and friends. Wish Karen, Lilly, and Andy were there. Also wish Larry was there. But given the short notice, not surprised.

The scenes at the beginning between Peyton/Brooke and Lucas/Haley were really nice. Loved seeing the best friends together and giving advice. When I heard Haley was taking an unexpected role in the wedding, I half expected her to sing. Glad I was wrong because she was a hilarious minister. Will get to that in a bit. I can't blame anyone for avoiding the whole Peyton dying thing. Her asking Brooke to take care of Lucas and the baby is so unsurprising. Would hate to see this put a crimp in Brooke and Julian.

Back to the Haley hilarity. I missed most of the wedding because I was laughing so hard at Haley. From the moment she started talking about the root of the word matrimony I was laughing and I didn't stop until part of the way through her speech about Lucas always dreaming about marrying Peyton. She is such a teacher. Then she started quoting from that song (not entirely sure of the name, but I know some of the lyrics). I didn't see any reactions to what she was saying because I was laughing too hard. Then she had the entirely too cute speech about Lucas always wanting Peyton. Loved the entire thing.

The reception was great too. Julian, if you start teasing someone about their past; particularly someone bigger than you; don't be shocked that he punches you! I so totally would have done the same thing. Granted, the comments were funny, but so totally asking for a beating.

And speaking of Julian, could he and Brooke be any more immature?!?! They were so totally obviously trying to make each other jealous. He should never have brought alterna-Brooke. After that, the warfare was almost inevitable. It was utterly amusing both in its obviousness and in its immaturity. I do hope the two of them get together in the future. And seeing Nick end up with alterna-Brooke was also quite funny.

Seeing Nathan and Haley doing the whole slutty wedding sex thing was great. It has been forever since the two of them did anything together.

I do wonder if Nathan or Haley or both are right about his reasons for wanting to give up basketball. I do think his ego is definitely bruised about what happened, but I do think that maybe this is something he just needed to get out of his system after his almost making it last season. Although his skipping practice is so not the right direction for him to be heading in.

The background characters were quite cute. Mouth and Millie were unannoying for the first time in weeks. Seeing the two of them as the support system is so much better than as the center of drama. Watching Lauren and Skillz together was also quite funny. Watching Lauren working with Jamie to get Skillz was great. The whole Jamie running off thing was a great gag.

Also loved the many jokes about the actor's backgrounds such as Stephen and Laguna Beach as well as the aforementioned shots at Nick about his boy band past.

And now at the end of the review (appropriately enough) we have the end of the episode. While I saw the ending coming as soon as they entered the house, I still cringed and held my breath the whole time. And the preview of next week had me so totally at the edge of my seat.

Until then!