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Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Review of One Tree Hill 7.02- "What Are You Willing to Lose"

Well, well, well. The ante is upped for Naley, Brooke has a showdown with Julian's dad, the new model for Clothes Over Bros is a lying sack of sh!t, Haley and Mia have a showdown with someone from the record company, and Dan's story becomes a little weirder......

Before I start, may I just say "Thank you!!!!" to Mark for all the male shirtlessness these past few weeks? While I know they are not just eyecandy, I do so love to see them half naked. Ok, mind now out of gutter and back to review......

Let me start with Dan. I am intrigued as to where this is going. He seems to be honest about his change of heart. His new wife however, seems to be not so changed. I do have to say that I dismissed talk I heard of Dan and Rachel being married as nuts, so when she walked out, I was shocked. Dan is married to someone his son's age. Not entirely sure what she sees in him, but this is going to be an interesting couple. I do think Rachel has changed, but she definitely is the more cynical and pragmatic of the two. Dan has gone from an extremely pragmatic view of the world to an extremely wishful one. I am finding this interesting. Much better than the Nanny Carrie storyline from last year. And why does Dan always get the weird beginning of the year stories???

Nathan, dude, CONTROL YOUR TEMPER! Geez....are you *trying* to create a scene? We all know that he is seriously in love with Haley on every level and that he is also protective of his family, but he made an awful decision to go barging into the conversation. And as for that sonogram, it proves nothing other than the fact that she is three months pregnant. Unless she has proof that the baby is Nathan's, there should be no reason for him to worry. But given the media, worry.....and keep losing that shirt. (Ok, sorry, will try and stay out of the gutter, just so hard with all the hot, shirtless guys....)

Haley and Mia tagteaming that music exec was great. I was laughing so hard when Bethany was doing the imaginary conversation with Lucas and Peyton and did a pretty good impression of both. Especially Lucas. And now we hopefully will hear more of Bethany's music. Totally cool.

Brooke and Julian are taking tentative steps toward a real, adult relationship. She seems to have marriage in the back of her mind as a possibility, and he isn't really thinking about it. Not the best sign, but Brooke verbally bitchslapping Julian's dad the way Julian did the same to Victoria is a good sign. She is willing to fight for him and help him however she can. And she gets the poster and may let it stay.

Millie, honey, you so should have warned Brooke about the model/actress being a total biatch. And a two-faced, hypocritical, shallow, vacuous, skanky tramp. Can ya tell I don't like her? And I knew that speech was a fake. Unfortunately, Brooke and Millie fell for it. I smell T-R-O-U-B-L-E!!!

I am worried about how Haley will respond to the crisis. Since there is an actual baby involved, I am seeing a freakout of epic proportions on the horizon.

Next week....uh oh......