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Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Review of One Tree Hill 7.05- Your Cheatin' Heart

Ok, before the review, I would like to thank everyone who expressed concern for me. I really appreciate it. Don't feel like going into details, but lets just say that this last week has been one hell of a ride for me in many ways. Sometimes my life has more drama than any teen soap you can imagine....

But enough about me, let's get on with the show.....

Let me start with Dan. I have to say that I was floored at the last 30 seconds of the show. Dan apparently got this girl to say that Nathan got her pregnant. I assume this is to bring Nathan down and take Dan back into his life. Wow. And I thought he had changed. I was so wrong.....

And given the "Previously on...", I think I have an idea of what happened last week. Tell me if this plot summary is wrong:

The story on Nathan breaks and Mouth's boss finds out that Mouth has been sitting on the story. So he decides to force Mouth to run the story. Mouth refuses and loses his anchor spot (my reaction in a sec). Millie is forced to become a model for Brooke's new line (at Alex's instigation?) and is a massive hit. She proceeds to party and ignore Mouth's message (bad girlfriend....). Alex also works on Julian to get him to work with her on her story (although I thought this was earlier in the season). Quinn and David meet and she tells him that they cannot be together anymore and then later (given the switch from light to dark) goes home with Clay. Haley meets Renee and punches the bitch out (you go girl!).

Did I miss much?

Anyways, back to tonight's story....

Haley is arrested for punching The Bitch (as Renee shall henceforth be known). I could come up with a different name, just let me know. Side note, how cute was Jamie when he thought the cops were the "Tooth Police"? Can't say as I blame her. I would have done the same thing. I am annoyed at her for listening to everyone in the jail. She knows Nathan and knows how seriously he takes the vows. Aside from the She Who Shall Not Be Named incident in Season 5, he has never come close to straying. And in that instance, nothing really happened. SWSNBN merely made it *appear* that something had happened. I do so wish she would get over these insecurities she has. Of course, having Quinn and David just split up is not helping matters at all.

And poor Nathan is taking all this square on the chin. Being set up perfectly and now even his wife is beginning to doubt him. That sucks. At least Mouth is standing by him. And speaking of Mouth, dude, you so need to figure stuff out. I admire your sticking up for your friends and for refusing to do tabloid "journalism," but you need better timing. Ok, maybe that is not fair, but he seems to always get into trouble while defending a friend.

Not entirely sure what to make of Quinn and Clay. I am glad they are remaining platonic friends, and wish to see them remain so; at least for now. I do think they may make a good couple, and if Clay becomes the rebound guy, that will never stick.

Good Julian! Run, do not walk away from the skanky ho-bag of an actress. Bad Julian! Falling for her lines.

Millie, I love you dear, but I so want to slap you right now. Granted, Mouth was being a dick with the way he responded, but he was also being honest. I don't think he sees her as not good enough to be a model. He seems to be more worried about how it will affect her. Stated poorly, but I think that was his intent. Millie on the other hand, needs to stop ignoring Mouth while absorbed in the Wonderful World of the skanky ho-bag of an actress. Millie gets no cookies this week.

Mia and Chase were cute, but I sort of wonder what the point of their scenes were aside from the two of them being adorable. Ok, maybe that is enough....

Next week, Haley offers The Bitch a way out.