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Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Review of One Tree Hill 7.07- "I and Love and You"

Holy Crap.....

Talk about and episode of surprises and twists.....

Need to start with poor Clay. Damn dude, that seriously sucks. The woman from last week is his dead wife. He is so obviously in love with her and can't move beyond her, hence the one-night stands. Until Quinn came in a seriously shook up his world. She made him care about her in a way that he hadn't felt since his wife and now he is running scared. Scared of opening up again just to be hurt, scared of forgetting his wife and what she meant to him, and scared of committing.

Dan is confusing the bejezzus out of me. For a while I thought he had changed, and then he seemed to have not, and now we find out that he had (well sort of). Last week was part of an elaborate plot to protect Nathan. And am I mistaken or did he really have that heart surgery? I really need someone to help me figure this out.

Poor Nathan and Haley take it in the jaw tonight, only to see that the jaw being hit was not theirs. Can't say I blame Nathan for his initial reaction about Dan and the lie detector. Ironically enough, he was right, it was rigged. It was rigged as part of the plot to protect him. And his and Haley's reactions to the public vindication were perfect.

I do hope Brooke and Julian work this out. They make a great couple and need to work through this.

So we finally see why Quinn left David. He changed; at least in her mind; from what he was. I don't know if he was right about her idealized version of their relationship, or if she was right about how he changed, but in this case, perception is what matters. And she perceived him as having changed.

I was impressed by James' directorial debut. He did a really good job. I suspect that the plot was limited to mainly the end of the affair storyline to make it easier on him. And how fitting is it that his debut marks the end of this saga.

And next week, in typical OTH fashion, a light episode follows a series of heavy episodes. Cool.....