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Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Review of One Tree Hill 7.08- "(I Just) Died In Your Arms"

Well, this was the light hearted breather episode in between heavy story arcs. Ever noticed how One Tree Hill does that? Do a few heavy episodes and complete a storyline, then wrap it up and prepare for the next storyline with a light hearted episode. I like it. And tonight's episode was a serious treat....

I have to start with the brownies! How many people saw the pot brownies coming a mile away? As soon as I saw the special recipe brownies, I knew what they were. But the best part was that Haley had; until now; been clueless. Just trying to imagine Haley in high school being high...Nope, can't do it. But the results tonight had me busting my gut laughing. Between paranoid Brooke and loopy/munchie driven Haley, that girl's night in was great. Not a whole lot of drama, just some good fun and lots of laughing. Zelda the psychic was an especially nice touch.

"Magic 8-Ball is Zelda right behind us?"- Brooke with Zelda right behind her and Haley.

Shirtless Clay! Woohoo!!!! And here I was hoping it would be an easy wardrobe day for him. Oh well. And the morphing costumes on his dead wife were classic. In a warped way, I think all of this alone time with his wife's ghost is a good thing for him. If it helps him get over her death and opening up again, it will be worth it. And given the end of the episode, I do believe that he has started off in that direction.

The beginning with the dual conversations about Julian going camping were nice. Julian is so not a part of the gang as a whole that I am glad that they showed Nathan being resistant to his coming along. And Julian's reference to not having "homies" was snerk inducing, as was his line about having girl friends (note the spacing!) like Alex. Dude, so not the right topic to bring up in front of Brooke. And good boy, you submitted to the inevitable with style and grace.

Watching Julian be totally inept at camping was really funny especially in comparison to Nathan. Of course, the line about Nathan being Superman and Julian being Clark Kent (ironic due to the fact that I am currently running through my Smallville DVDs, but I digress) was meant to totally bring that subtext to screaming text. Nathan does have big shoes to fill. Fortunately, due to Dan's example, Nathan knows what not to do, But having someone like Julian around who is relatively nonthreatening and a bit of an easier example to follow is good for Jamie. And Julian does the whole fathering thing nicely. He knew that Jamie needed an out from the rope thing (what is that called anyway?) and so he insisted that he couldn't go to give Jamie an easy way out. That was cool. Equally cool was his and Nathan's talk. Hopefully, they will interact more and bring Julian into being a more central part of the gang.

And am I imagining things or was Antwon totally being given a way to be written out of the series due to his legal complications? If he were to become a sport coordinator, he could leave and come back at some future point. Nicely done if that is the intention.

I am seriously surprised that Mouth didn't think of the internet sooner. After all, didn't he do for several years during high school? Again, a nice way to bring Julian into the group, but I do wonder if it was necessary to make Mouth appear somewhat stupid. Whatever. I did like the name "Raw Mouth". No way that could be misinterpreted.....

And Dan paid to get his new heart. Why am I not surprised? And Rachel paid a family to take their son off life support. Dan feels remorse. Maybe this turn around really is genuine. But seeing as he is running a con with his show....maybe not. And now he is coming back to Tree Hill. Uh oh.......

BTW, on a totally off topic note, my sister got engaged today. Just had to share....:-)