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Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Review of One Tree Hill 7.09 - "Now You Lift Your Eyes To The Sun"

That was a good episode. Want to smack a few people (one of whom was smacked) and want to hug others to make them feel better. Sigh.....

I need to start by saying that Sophia did a good job as a director. I do believe that One Tree Hill has had the most actors directing episodes that I know of. I believe that they have had Paul, Moira, Chad, Bethany, James, and now Sophia. That is so cool.

I will start the actual review with the smacks of the night.

First, Millie. She gets a big, huge, solid THWACK! across the head for being a complete and utter bitch and moron. Never thought I would use those words to describe her. Ignoring Mouth, stealing Brooke's dresses, saying that people in Tree Hill don't matter, doing cocaine, and doing diet pills. Please give me a 8x16 so I can smack her solidly upside the head many, many times until she gets her sense back.

Second, Alex and Julian. While I do believe that Alex did have cocaine, I also believe that she is manipulating things in order to be near Julian. However, I am willing to believe that maybe she only feels worthwhile when she is with Julian since he is one of the few people who has looked beyond her boobs, ass, and whatever else to see the person inside. And Julian, Julian. I do love you, but blowing off Brooke to go help Alex was not the brightest move. I do get that Alex apparently really needed the help, but he also knows how Brooke feels. Unfortunately, there I do believe he got caught between a rock and a hard place with no way to win. So just small, gentle slaps for them.

Next, we have bigger smack for Clay. While I appreciate the fact that he is getting over his wife, he does need to keep a closer eye on his business. He screwed up by not keeping a closer eye on things and by advising Nathan to hold out for more. While it may have made some sort of sense, it ended up screwing Nathan over royally.

Final smack is for Rachel. While it was oh so satisfying to see he get verbally smacked by Mouth and then literally smacked by Brooke, I wanted to do that myself as well. I cannot believe her nerve in blaming Brooke for what happened. While I haven't seen season 5 in some time, from what I remember, she was clean (or at least well on the way there) until Bitchtoria got her hooks into Rachel. Brooke was being a good, trusting friend and Rachel has now turned that around so that Brooke is a villain. Need a 2x4 for Rachel! Please!

Now for the hugs of the night.

First Brooke. Poor Brooke is late and is so anxious to be pregnant only to be denied. Her minor bitchiness for the rest of the night is totally understandable. While she may have been a bit hard on Julian, I really have a hard time blaming her. While she has history on her side in terms of being suspicious of Alex, she was harsh, but as I said understandably so.

Second Nathan. He wanted to accept the two year deal and allowed himself to be talked out of it. Clay accidentally screwed him over. And Dan comes to town. The punches just keep on coming. At least Haley had a good night, which helped him out somewhat. I did like that song Bethany did. THe way her voice changed was really neat. I was so glad that the album exec bitch got her comeuppance.

Third, Mouth. His girlfriend has metamorhposed into a seriously bitchy pod person. He lost his job because he stood up for what he believes. Here's hoping things get better soon....

Next week, Nathan and Clay have a faceoff and Julian confronts Alex. Until then!