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Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Review of One Tree Hill 7.11- "You Know I Love You, Don't You?"

The perfect title for the episode. I think "The Leaving Song" may have been as appropriate here as it was near the end of the second season, but what they picked works as well.

Love was all around tonight. Haley prepared to give up her music and the record label for Nathan, Nathan ready to let Haley go on tour so she can have her dream, and Alex professing her love for Julian. The breaking of hearts also abounded: Brooke and Julian, Alex and Julian, Clay and Quinn, and Mouth and Millie. Then you have Nathan, Haley, Clay, Mouth, andSkillz all leaving. Wow, they are going into the mid-season break with a bang.

Let's start with Nathan and Haley. I just finished rewatching Season 2 on DVD and was marveling at the difference between Nathan's reaction to Haley's tour then and his reaction now. Before he pulled the "It or Me" argument and this time he was actively planning places where Haley and Jamie can go. While I am not surprised, it is wonderful to see. I know they are not leaving for good; or even possibly not leaving at all; I am curious as to where this is heading. The two of them can handle the time apart, but I worry about Jamie. The poor kid has had his favorite uncle move away and now one of his best adult friends is also moving away. Then he sees his mom and dad going in different directions. I wonder how he is going to react. I am foreseeing a bad reaction.

I felt horrible for poor Brooke. One of her biggest dreams has been to have her own children and she finds out she can't have any. Then her boyfriend tells a skanky ho-del this incredibly private piece of information. I recognize that she pressed and that he probably didn't mean to say anything, but that doesn't make it hurt any less. And then to top it off, he tells Alex that he wants children after telling Brooke he didn't. And so Brooke pulls a classic maneuver and pulls away. Wow....

Can I say that I am really starting to love Victoria now that she is using her bitchiness in good ways instead of tearing her daughter down? I was glad to see her tear into Millie the way she did. I think a little harsher may even have been warranted. Millie is screwing up so badly that I really, really want to take an 8x16 and smack her upside the head. Ripping into Mouth the way she did and of course the classic ripping into a person who is trying to help you. Followed by the stealing of the unreleased, exclusive dress just to get some cocaine. I so want her ass to be fired and watch her tumble down to rock bottom and come crawling back on her hands and knees.

I loved watching Jamie and his friend on the River Court. That was an absolute classic, especially with the stomach, leg, and foot bumps.

Not sure what is up with Dan and Rachel. Something is going on between them. Is it possible that Dan is actually changing and Rachel doesn't like it? I cannot blame Nathan for not giving Dan anymore chances. All too often in the past Dan has abused the chances he has been given. While he has changed a little, I don't see him having changed enough to get another chance. And seeing Jimmy's mother come in and give Dan a slap was a wake-up call. He seemed to just go along with Rachel in whatever she wanted. Now he seems to be trying to get some control himself. This could be interesting.

And last but not least, Clay. Poor guy thought he had a chance to resuscitate his career only to have that yanked out from underneath him. He is going to be such a long time in coming back. You could also tell how far he has sunk when he said that line about his wife being dead. Ow.....

Not sure what to say about the preview. It was a bunch of scenes with music. Think this is the mid-season finale next week. See y'all then!