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Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Review of One Tree Hill 7.12- Some Roads Lead Nowhere

Interesting mid-season finale, I must say. While Nathan and Haley are preparing to leave Tree Hill, Clay and Quinn come up with a plan to keep Nathan around. Skillz and Mouth prepare to leave as well, Dan has news that shocks Rachel and changes their lives forever. Brooke and Julian continue to experience friction and Alex is still in the hospital from her suicide attempt last week. And Millie, well, she continues her slide into a deep, dark, black hole. Oh, and Victoria makes a new hire who should make Brooke's life....ahhh....interesting.

The summary above is close to the synopsis I found online. I added a few things, but I liked it. I had no snappy intro to this episode, so I figured that would do. Tonight's episode seemed very much like a setup for future episodes. It closed some old stories and redirected new ones. While new things did happen, it really felt like much more of a setup episode than a normal mid-season finale. Most One Tree Hill mid-season finales have a cliff-hanger ending that make you want to come back. This episode did not have that, at least not in my not so humble opinion. Not a complaint, just an observation.

When we left Nathan and Haley last week, Nathan was planning on going to Barcelona to play ball there and Haley was planning on going on tour. This week we get Clay working out a deal where Nathan gets snapped up by Sacramento and traded to the Bobcats along with a center whose mother is dying of cancer in exchange for another player. Oh, and Nathan goes from a $7 million deal to a $15 million deal. As can well be imagined, they are ecstatic. While I am not surprised at the not leaving, I rolled my eyes at the convenience of everything. I also have to say that I loved the tomato fight between Haley, Nathan, Jamie, and the bartender (Grubb?). That was seriously cute and fun. And may I say that I did almost fall over in shock when I saw the bartender playing the piano and singing. I was almost expecting him to be sent on tour as well. (or even instead?)

Dan bowled me over as well. He gives up the tv show and gives all of his money to charities and non-profits. Then he gives Rachel divorce papers. Can't feel too sorry for her I must admit. Dan is baffling. We have seen him change or try and change so many times in the past only to revert to his devious and lying ways. I want to believe that he can change because I do believe that people can change their lives, but I don't know. Maybe if he goes away he can change and become a better man.

I loved that Clay went through so much trouble to help Nathan stay around and to get him back. I knew he felt bad about what happened, but seeing the evidence was really cool. And I nearly busted a gut watching Quinn tryout forcheerleading . It was so funny and so bad all at the same time. I was totally amused that she was willing to embarrass herself in order to help Clay out.

I missed the first couple of minutes of the show, but I want to smack Julian and Brooke both. While I totally understand Julian feeling sorry for Alex, he needs to dump her like a seriously bad habit. She has been trying to get with him since she met him and he seemed to finally get it last week when she resorts to the desperate measure of attempting suicide in order to get him. And Brooke has been so insecure this season around Alex. I know and understand why she feels the way she does, and I get that this terminal case of insecurity has always been a part of her character, but I still want to smack her a little. And Julian is not helping her out at all. I appreciate that he is taking Lucas' place as the resident knight in white armor for women in trouble, but if he doesn't start being extremely clear that Brooke comes first, he is going to be cast aside.

Millie continues to descend. 'Nuff said.

I was amused at the new designer Victoria hired. He is pretty hot; although so not my type; and I am waiting for the newest One Tree Hill love triangle to begin.

When we return near the end of January, Haley is on tour with Nathan and Jamie, Brooke and the new designer meet Julian, and more interesting things happen.