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Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Review of One Tree Hill 7.13- "Weeks Go By Like Days"

2010 starts here.  With the end of Kyle XY in May 2009, was only reviewing OTH.   Starting in January 2010, T starting reviewing Life Unexpected, so look for alternating reviews for a bit.


Well folks, welcome back! It's been a while and I am coming to you from my brothers bedroom, the only room in the house with internet currently. This is also the third day with cable in about a month, so I am seriously psyched. Anyways, enough about me, let me get to the reason y'all read this and that is because of my wonderful and insightful reviews. Not that I am full of myself or anything.....

Let me start with the ending. Taylor is with Quinn's husband.....oh crap. Given the previews of next weeks episode. I am seeing a serious smackdown in the works over this one....

Brooke and Julian are the drama couple of this season. This love triangle is about to become a love square. Throw in model/actress Alex; who I actually don't mind as much tonight; and the designer Alexander and this is a recipe guaranteed to cause problems. The thing is that Julian refuses to admit that Alex is a bad habit that he needs to break and Brooke needs to trust Julian. Granted, he is not making her job easier, but he also knows about her history and knows why she has trust issues. He needs to be really sensitive to that if he wants her at all. And Brooke needs to get it through her lovely head that Julian is not Lucas and Alex is not Peyton. Julian is not going to dump Brooke for Alex unless Brooke gives him a reason, which she is really starting to do.

I adore the fact that Victoria called herself Bitchtoria. She has seriously mellowed in many ways and I am happy to see that. Giving Millie another chance and trying to actively help Brooke and Julian are almost signs of the apocalypse. You go!!

How adorable were all of the Scotts. I am glad to see Nathan helping Jamie realize the importance of friends. And then bringing the friends backstage was totally cool. Haley is having a blast and so are Nathan and Jamie. That was really nice to see.

I am also glad that Nathan has told Clay and Quinn that he is cool with the two of them together in front of him. Clay needed to hear that Nathan considers him a friend and that Nathan is cool with everything. Really, really nice to see that.

Alex helping Millie out was neat and unexpected I don't know why it was unexpected but it was. It didn't seem forced, it just seemed natural and I thought it was quite nice without being overly sentimental. Way to go!

I laughed so hard at Jamie's friends backstage at the concert. The best lines of the night:

"Free food!"

"Woah, hot babes!"

'Til next week!