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Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Review of One Tree Hill 7.14- Family Affair

Laughs, guffaws, and bitchiness all on the house please!

Wow....the James girls have issues with each other. Taylor is dating Quinn's husband; so not cool and such a bitchy thing to do. Quinn is being adult enough to try and get past it, and not really successfully. Haley is pissed because Taylor has a history of doing stuff like this. I have to say that if I were in this situation, I do not think I would handle this with the grace that Quinn exhibited. I would be massively pissed off and go off like Haley. Taylor is being a total bitch and deserves whatever she gets. Hooking up with your sisters ex right after the divorce is so wrong on oh so many levels. There is nothing right about that situation. I do have to say that the pool scene was probably the funniest part of the night. The guys reaction to the sister fighting was great, but the most priceless line of the night came from Jamie's friend:

"I was wrong. You have the coolest family!"

I know there are Haley haters who are going to say that Haley had no right to be upset, it was not her business, blah, blah, blah. Whatever. It is totally her business when one sister is purposely hurting another sister, particularly in such an ugly manner. While she may have taken it over the top on occasion, her reaction to Taylor's bitchiness and @$$holeness is totally justified and correct.

It was nice to see Brooke and Julian get things ironed out. And who knew it would take Victoria to do it? I am impressed. Ok, so that haven't totally worked things out, but they are on their way there. I am glad that Brooke persuaded Julian to try directing and I impressed with his dad that he is going for it so readily. I have to say, that given our introduction to Julian's dad and Victoria, they have come a long way. I am happy for both Brooke and Julian. They met their parents on their own turf and are now treated properly. I approve.

Julian defending Alex. Amusing and cheer inducing.

Clay, Mr. Supportive Guy aka the Flying Buttress of Support. Not that I would expect anything less. He rocks.

Mouth is back and bonded with Skillz' ex (or is it current long distance?) girlfriend while cleaning. Nice. And really funny. Glad he's sticking around for Millie.

Next week, more