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Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Review of One Tree Hill 7.16- "My Attendance is Bad But My Intentions Are Good"

Wow, tonight was a total roller coaster. Given the lightness of last weeks episode, I should have expected something like this, but this was heavier that I thought it would be.

I am going to start with Brooke/Julian/Alex/Alexander. It is nice to see little to no drama here. There is a certain amount of awkwardness and tension, but no drama. Thank goodness. Brooke and Julian are finally in a place where they can exist around each other and tentatively say semi-flirty things to each other. Brooke can also co-exist with Alex, which is nothing short of miraculous. I think that seeing the scars on Alex's wrist really was a massive revelation to Brooke. I think it was really cool the way she worked to help Alex hide everything and didn't make a big deal of it. These are all good signs and leave me with hope for the future.

Watching producer lady and Grubbs was cute and funny. I am semi-intrigued, but appreciated it more for the lightness it brought to the episode rather than for the relationship itself.

Alex is just becoming cooler and cooler as she goes along. Now that she is over trying to break up Brooke and Julian, she is actually a better person. Watching her help Millie get out of the problems that she got Millie into in the first place is a good way to start her redemption. And thank goodness that Millie is finally realizing that she needs help. Had to fall a little bit more before going for help, but at least she got there.

And now for what I imagine will be one of the largest storyline for the rest of the season, the illness of Lydia (Mrs. James). Seeing her talk with her daughters and Clay was really nice. The revelation came at the moment that should have been expected, but wasn't. It was so light and so much fun, that something had to happen. Finding out that a parent is dying is never an easy thing to do. The nice thing about it is that you have time to prepare and get things settled. It is never enough time, but at least there is time. The bad thing is that you live each day wondering when the last day will be. It is so not easy and everyone reacts differently.

Taylor reacted in the worst possible way, but in all honesty, I would expect nothing more from her. When Lydia said that she wasn't getting treatment, Taylor yelled at her and accused her of giving up and "committing suicide". That was so wrong and Taylor is SSSOOOOO going to regret those words. Trust me. I know because I am carrying around guilt dealing with the sudden death of a friend. It would be infinitely worse if it is the foreseeable death of a parent. I really hope she grows up and comes back. Her childishness was amusing when she was younger, but is just sad and pathetic right now.

Quinn and Haley reacted in a normal and good way. They both urged their mom to fight, but when Lydia explained her reasons, they decided to swallow what they wanted and be there for each other and for her. Good girls, you get cookies. Losing a parent, no matter what your age is never an easy thing. Losing both of your parents must be murder. Having Clay around will help Quinn immensely and having her entire support system will help Haley and they can help each other. This is going to be a rough time for them.

Next week: Jamie deals with Lydia's illness and things get interesting in the love quadrangle....