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Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Review of One Tree Hill 7.18- The Last Day of Our Acquaintance

The last episode before a long (read 2 month) break that will come back with a few episodes to end the season. And what an episode it was....

I have to start off with an acknowledgment aimed at Kristi (on BryanGreenburg_Fans) who got something right that I got wrong. I was totally duped by the faux Alex and Julian sleeping together last week. In my defense, it made a sort of sense, but I was wrong and Kristi, you were right. I am so happy to be wrong and bow my knee to your superior abilities.

Now that that is over with, let us get on with the review.

I will start with the smallest story: Mouth and Lauren. They finally seem to get together when Skillz returns. Oh boy....'nuff said.

Clay has himself a stalker. This is going to be interesting. And she is making herself look like his dead wife. Please tell me we don't have another Nanny Carrie on our hands. I don't know if I can take another one of those.

Story B: Brooke, Julian, Alex, Alexander, and Victoria.

So Alex slept with Alexander and not Julian. As I said above, I am happy that I was wrong about that. Julian gets his cookies back and Alex gets a big, huge apology. Alexander, however, gets slapped. Trying to double dip in both Alex and Victoria? Wow....I so don't know what to say. I am somewhat surprised that Victoria went there and was a little disappointed that she went back to him so quickly. I do wonder where this is going.

I do have to say, seeing Brooke and Julian back together was wonderful.

And I so don't want to be that actor when the $hit about his taping his sex with Alex hits the fan. Oh boy.....

And now for our main attraction, the death of Lydia James. I think I am going to take this one sister by sister and then to Nathan and Jamie.

Let me start with Quinn. She doesn't have as much reaction time as either Taylor or Haley. She is obviously very upset over what is happening and does the right thing in going to get Taylor. I am so proud of her for that. Taylor was a bitch then (more on that in a moment), but Quinn did the right thing. Everyone deserves the chance to be with their loved ones when they are dying and while it is really hard, it is necessary. And her slideshow at the end was really nice. That was a nice way for Lydia to go.

Taylor was (as I said above) being a total bitch. I do get it, that is how she copes. She is so upset at what is happening that she can't deal with it, so she gets angry to help her emotionally. A totally natural reaction. Fortunately, she worked through that quickly enough to go to her mom. The conversation between her and Lydia was an incredibly open and honest conversation. That is the thing about endings, they tend to make everyone honest and open. Too bad it couldn't have happened earlier, but better a little late than never.

Haley handles everything by trying to be like her mom. It works until Nathan shows up and this seems to give Haley permission to totally fall apart knowing that Nathan will be there to help her and put her back together. He is such a pillar of strength for her and she really needs that right now. The last scene with her and Jamie was totally cute. She takes on the role of her mom for Jamie. Mom's food is never as good when she doesn't make it. And let me tell you, wanting to keep a hold of anything you can of Mom is totally understandable. I still do that almost 3 years later.

Jamie reading to Lydia was so nice. She got so choked up about it and was so touched. I don't know if he is not fully comprehending what is going on or what, but he seemed unnaturally composed given what was happening. Nathan was also super-composed and I know why. He needed to be a pillar of strength and support for Haley through this. Who knows, maybe Jamie was feeling the same way and that is why he is acting the way he is.

I was severely disappointed that they never mentioned Lucas sending a message of condolence or something. He is (or was) Haley's best friend. I understand his not being at the funeral, but they could have thrown in a line about Lucas sending a message or something. I am sure that someone told him. Hopefully they will fix that oversight.

Until April 26th.....