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Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Review of One Tree Hill 7.19- Every Picture Tells a Story

A party with punches and a scandal. In other words, the more things change, the more they stay the same......

Well, that was an interesting episode. Tonight, everything hit the fan.

First, the sex tape. It's the last day of filming and the lead actor is flipping out because his computer is stolen. Understandable, particularly since there is a sex tape on that computer. Only, wait....he arranged the theft. Nice and classy dude....NOT! Secretly taping having sex is bad enough, but to get someone to "steal" the video to put it out there is a whole new low. Only he seems not to have counted on the person stealing the video to have used it to get some nice money. Oy!

I have to say that I am proud of Brooke for putting her antipathy about Alex to the side to help her out of this situation. I do get it given that Brooke has been the victim of a leaked sex tape before. Granted, the leak wasn't purposeful, but it still happened. So her desire to help out is understandable and classy. Good for you dear! And of course, Julian gets to play the knight in white armor. Again unsurprising.

Second, Skillz, Mouth, and Lauren. While Mouth should have come clean, I can't blame him for hesitating, particularly since Skillz declared that he came back to get Lauren back. And what a sucky way for Skillz to find out the truth. I did love Victoria's reaction. "Scandalous, just scandalous." Note that this was said while she was getting up from in front of Alexander who was clad only in boxers behind a curtain at the art show. I so cannot wait to see Brooke's reaction to this particular news.

Third, Clay confronts Katie (aka PsychoStalker Girl). Wow, I am so hoping this is not a Nanny Carrie, part deux. The girl gets all made up like his dead wife and then buys a portrait of him. No, that's not creepy at all!

Haley is trying so hard to hold it all together tonight. She succeeds for the most part, but at the end, when she broke down, my heart so went out to her. She does have Jamie and Nathan to help her out, so she'll make it through ok with their help.

Nathan and Jamie were having a blast. It was so nice to see that bit of normalcy in the midst of all of the drama. The whole Guitar Hero thing was just a hoot and a half.

Next week, PsychoStalker Girl resumes her devious ways and Quinn confronts her. Until then!