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Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Review of One Tree Hill 7.20- Learning to Fail

Tonight scandals rock Tree Hill and Haley continues to sink to new lows over her mother's death....

Twin scandals from last week. Alexander and Victoria are officially and (at least semi) publicly on. I have to admit to being amused at the whole Brooke and the boy toy post. She had a right to be upset, and I had a right to be vastly amused. This scandal also led to the best quote of the night:

"Cougars are in right now." -Victoria.

I had to feel bad for Alex. She had sex with a guy; which was apparently very bad; and he taped it. Then her director and producer were blackmailed over it and then she sees the guy in an elevator playing tonsil hockey with another guy. D@mn, that has to suck. I was so glad to see her take the high road and pretend that they are a couple. Saves him from the embarrassment and saves her by making the sex tape scandal less scandalous.

I am a little worried about the Quinn/Clay/"Sarah" (forgot her real name) storyline. While it is not an exact retread of the Nanny Carrie or "Derek" storyline, it is close enough. I am never fond of recycled storylines, particularly when they are one of the more disastrous storylines (aka Nanny Carrie) of the show. 'Nuff said.

Watching Haley spiral out of control in depression was hard. From yelling at Jamie (not fair to Jamie, but understandable under the circumstances) to the drinking and setting the piano on fire, she is headed to a bad place very, very fast. From the look of the preview for next week, she still has a way to fall.

I have to say that I am very much on the side of Mouth and Lauren in the whole triangle. Skillz left and broke up with Lauren. Granted, Mouth should have said something, but given everything that happened, I think it is understandable. I am glad that at least they are trying to work it out.

Until next week.