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Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Review of One Tree Hill 7.22- Almost Everything I Wish I'd Said the Last Time I Saw You

Wow.....a mostly dramaless and light episode until the last few minutes.....

Until the last few minutes, this would really have made a good series finale. Everyone was in a good place and the drama was at a minimum.

Haley has started to bring herself out of her depression over her mother's death. The trip to Utah really did her good. Between hitting rock bottom in the pool, the trip for Jamie, and seeing that owl, she is getting better. And pregnant. Nice. Jamie is going to get a younger sibling. Well, hopefully. Haley deserves lots of good stuff right now. So does Nathan and Jamie. They were always there for her and helped her out alot.

Julian and Brooke are engaged. How cool. She has finally really let someone in and has been seriously rewarded. And he has no serious ties to anyone from her past. Granted, he and Peyton were serious once upon a time, but with her gone, this seems to be working out for her. His film was a hit, he proposed in a unique fashion, and they are happy. Nice to see.

Grubbs has gone on tour. I have to say, I loved the two songs he and his band played. That was really cool music. Good luck getting Miranda dude.

Alex (actually Alice in an interesting revelation) persuaded Josh to come out to his parents. This is going to be interesting. And now she is chasing Chase. Only problem.....Mia wants him back too. This promises to be interesting.

Watching Quinn and Clay was just fun. They are so in love and he teases her mercilessly. And totally amusingly. I was dying at the scene where she locked herself out of the house in just her bikini and then walked to the diner to get the key. Talk about stares. And that little black number was totally cruel. Hilariously so, but still cruel. Clay was right....she is good. That last scene was totally unexpected and rocked me back on my heels big time. The only thing I could think was, "Wow, someone else other than Dan is in mortal danger....."

Until next season.....