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Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Review of One Tree Hill 8.01- Asleep at Heaven's Gate

First, welcome back my fellow OTHers. Second, sorry this took a while, but I just finished the episode. And since this episode was on yesterday, I will do no spoiler space. My Life Unexpected review will be in about an hour or so as soon as I watch it.

Before the characters, may I say I LOVED the credits! When I heard the first few notes, I instantly teared up. I was so nice to hear the theme song and see the credits again. Very nice!

Let us start with Brooke and Julian. Engaged and loving it, obviously. And Julian, you are such a girl....planning your wedding since you were 9! Wow....but that just makes him that much more adorable. Loved the Grease 2 scene. Poor Haley comes in to announce her pregnancy, Julian comes out to invite Brooke to be with his "greased lightning" and Haley puts two and two together and we get the "Oh, my god, my two friends are about to have sex!" reaction. Hilariously amusing. And the buried headline as she leaves was great. Followed by Julian and Brooke venting a little and Brooke getting arrested. She gets released after a thorough....uhh.....examination and goes to Victoria and Millie and is informed that they exaggerated the profits to get investors for the men's line followed by Brooke losing everything in the store. Good thing she still has Julian. She'll get through this and hopefully get some of her integrity back. And she also knows that now she needs to take a more hands-on approach to the business.

Second, Haley and Nathan. Sex=Basketball? Nathan, seriously?!?! Granted, having that particular conversation with your 8 (or is it 9) year old son cannot be comfortable, but the analogy just didn't work. Followed by Haley babbling about Chester. No wonder Jamie wants to figure out what is up with "the S-E-X". Love the spelling of the word by the way. And doing a search for "lady rabbit sex" was guaranteed to bring up some interesting results. I had to pause my DVR and get my breath back after that scene. And Jamie gets the punishment and clear reasons behind it. The dual doctor's visits were interesting. Think I should be worried, but for now I will reside in the land of denial. Inviting Jamie and Haley to travel with him was totally romantic and totally Nathan. And thank you for having Haley write to Lucas. Now, just have Brooke write to Peyton.

Our love triangle of the season= Mia/Chase/Alex. Given Alex's tendencies and the look on her face, this could be really dirty and bad. I laughed at Alex doing the cherry stem knot with her tongue. I sort of feel bad for Mia, but she did dump Chase and he found someone else. Sucks, but can we be really surprised?

Finally, Quinn and Clay. At first, I was slightly confused. But around the time of the phantom phone, I had it figured out. It was nice to see the two of them so happy and in love. And may I say that wardrobe had a REALLY easy day with these two. Wonder what will happen with them.....

Next week, Quinn and Clay are in the hospital and do some sort of ghost type thing. Until then.....