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Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Review of One Tree Hill 8.03- The Space In Between

Good episode with a twist or two I didn't see coming and one I saw. But before that, can I say that I was NOT fond of this version of "I Don't Want to Be".......

Was it me or was this version of the theme by Fall Out Boy (or at least I think it was the lead singer)? Honestly, not fond of how it sounded. Just sounded wrong. Maybe it's just me.....

Speaking of songs, does anyone know who sang the song playing the first time Quinn went to see Clay? I love that sort of music and so want to know who that was and what song it was.

First, we get another reason to love Nathan. We get an answer about his doctor's visit in the first episode. His back is degenerating and he might have a season or two to play. So, he chooses to go out on his own terms and help a friend at the same time. I feel bad that he couldn't help Clay out, but his heart was definitely in the right place. And his reaction to the strong possibility of losing Clay was just heartbreaking. Nathan doesn't break down that often and seeing him fall apart was not the easiest thing. His talk with Haley in the chapel (I think it was a chapel anyways) was just lovely.

I am really loving the way they are opening the shows with Haley writing to Lucas. Speaking of Haley, it was nice to see her be the support for Nathan this week. He needed it and like the couple we (well, most of us anyways) know and love. She supported and helped Quinn when she needed it and was there supporting and helping Nathan. Good Haley, you get a cookie.

Wow, I cannot believe what Victoria did. I am seriously impressed with her. Totally taking responsibility and doing whatever she has to do to ensure that Brooke gets to keep Clothes Over Bros. I was so not expecting that.

I loved the use of Mouth's voiceovers as narration for the scenes. Very nice. Really hope he gets a job soon.

Brooke and Julian didn't do much this week. Watching Jamie was cute. Brooke definitely knows that Victoria loves her. If there is any doubt about her in Brooke's mind, it should be totally erased at this point.

Watching Clay and Will together was cool. I have to admit that I was wondering if Will was supposed to be an Angel of Death or something. Weird, I know, but you never know sometimes. I knew that Will's kidney was going to Clay when I saw the Code Blue in the ICU. Clay was not going to die (obviously), so that was sort of an obvious twist.

Next week...well, not sure actually....hafta wait and see....