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Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Review of One Tree Hill 8.05- Nobody Taught Us to Quit

Nathan makes a surprising career decision, Mia goes crazy, Alex has been lying to Chase, Brooke continues to deal with the fall out of the financial misdeeds at Clothes over Bros, Clay comes homes, and Haley continues to help people.....

First, hated the theme tonight.  Wrong part of the song and not a great style.  So disappointed.

I am so loving the openings with Haley writing to Lucas.  I do miss Chad's voiceovers because he has the right voice for it, but Bethany does a good job and the reminders of the past are really nice.

Bitchtoria is back with a vengeance.  I was shocked when she yelled at Brooke the way she did.  I was hoping we had gotten past all of that.  Watching Brooke fall apart because of what Bitchtoria said was like a bad flashback.  Fortunately, Haley, Nathan, and Julian were there to help her realize that the problems laid with Bitchtoria and not her.  I was so proud of Brooke for facing Bitchtoria down.  Doing that really helped her with her confidence and with the realization that just because her mom disapproves does not mean that it is the end of the world.  Based on what she said tonight, she seems to be planning a comeback of some sort which will be nice.  I really hope she gets the chance.  I do have to say that watching Brooke taking out all the really lovely things from her wedding planning book was painful  She so wanted her perfect wedding and now the chance has been pretty much blown.

Like last week, I am so proud of Nathan for walking away from his dream for his family.  And yes dude, you are an avoider.  Which is fine because alot of people are that way.  I know I am.  It was really good of him to be worried about Clay and I think it says alot about Clay that he was more concerned about Nathan than himself.  And now Nathan is going to be working with Clay.  This means he will still be involved in sports (hopefully basketball) in some way while working with (or for) his friend.  I can also see Nathan maybe coaching, but if he wants to be with his family, being a sports agent is one of his best options.

Mouth, Mouth, Mouth.  <head smacking on table repeatedly>  Why, oh why are you trying to be something you are not?  I get that he is bored and wants to appear to be doing something more with his life, but being so incredibly fake was painful.  I am glad that Nathan gave him an exclusive interview and I do wonder where Mouth is going.  Could he somehow parley the podcast into a sports announcing career?  Or, as was sort of indicated, will he work with Nathan to help out Clay?

I sort of feel bad for Alex and definitely feel bad for Chase.  I do not know how much of a role research for a movie part played in her decision to be with Chase and work at Tric, but Chase obviously seemed to think it was a large part.  Also, knowing that part of the reason for his breakup with Mia had to do with her traveling, Alex should have talked this all out with him.

Watching Clay and Quinn move back in was not the most fun.  They are both obviously still traumatized by what happened and I think it will be a while before they feel comfortable.  Witness Quinn at the back door and with the curtains and Clay's eyes and face while standing at the door of the bedroom.

Haley plays a majorly supportive role this week.  Watching her be very assertive and helpful at the same time was funny, even knowing that the whole Mia going crazy thing was a fairly obvious plot point to get them to Portland for the Life Unexpected crossover tonight.

Last, I liked the dual press conferences.  Having the two so mirror each other was a nice touch.

Next week, Halloween hauntings galore.....