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Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Review of One Tree Hill 8.06- Not Afraid

Brooke and Julian receive a surprise visitor, Clay and Quinn are still suffering the aftereffects of the attack, Nathan has trouble adjusting to post-basketball life, Mouth and Millie have trouble defining their relationship, and Mia and Chase have trouble relating to each other.

As is normal this season, I want to start with the theme song.  I really liked this version.  After a few weeks of not-so-good themes, this was really nice to hear.

I loved the title and how it tied into all of the storylines tonight.  Each character faced a fear of some sort tonight.  Lets see how.

Nathan is facing his life without basketball.  His fear is that he is not going to be as good at anything as he was at basketball.  Not sure why he is having this doubt, because he has shown himself to be a great father for a long time.  I suspect that these doubts are normal for anyone who gives up their dream even if they are proven good at something else.  I did love his costume.  It was neat.  And that moment with the high-fiving of Julian was totally amusing.  It was also nice to see him helping out Clay and then going to talk with the football player.  Having a former athlete talk with current athletes is a great idea.  Maybe he has found a job that he will be as good at as he was at basketball.

I feel so bad for Brooke.  Accidentally insulting your future mother-in-law is not a good first impression.  And then mother-in-law; or is it monster-in-law?; to be ruins her idea for themed costumes for her and Julian followed by a taking over of the wedding.  All in all, not a good week for Brooke.  Her fear seems to be related to not having her dream wedding in the wake of the financial losses she has suffered.  I do have to ask, was Julian going to wear anything else besides that clock?  Not that I am complaining at all mind you, but I am curious. :-)

I think I feel worse for Julian.  Mom stops in before she was supposed to and then takes over.  And putting poor Julian in that dalmatian outfit....ow.  I think the clock would have been better.  Ok, I'll stop before this review becomes rated R or worse.  <veg>  I foresee many more problems with his mother in the future.  This could be fun.  Which will be worse, Victoria or the monster-in-law?

Quinn honey, buying a gun is not exactly the best idea.  I get why she bought it given the givens, but it still is not the best idea.  I do have to say that I loved her nightmare in the beginning.  The whole little debate of vampires versus zombies was giggle inducing.  Kudos on the make-up jobs.  Quinn and Clay have a long time to go before they are fully comfortable at the beach house again, if they ever are.  Quinn is incredibly jumpy and having nightmares and Clay, while seeming to handle it better, is having problems of his own.  I think getting a change of scenery will be good for Quinn and I am glad that Clay is insisting on it.  Quinn's costume was cute and Clay as Edward Cullen was just damn funny.

Mouth and Millie so need to come to an agreement on their relationship.  I get that he is not ready to date her again and can respect that.  I do think that she overreacted a bit to what he said.  Maybe she is just trying to get a point across, but to me she came across as being bitchy.  I did enjoy her outfit.  That was great.  And Mouth, your own abs are just fine, you don't need the enhancement.

Chase and Mia also need to come to an agreement as to their relationship.  I liked that she expressed sympathy and showed real concern for Chase.  Even though she doesn't like Alex, she does care for Chase.  In this case, he was being bitchy.  I am glad that he realized it and apologized for it.  And the whole running schtick about his bad bartending skills is funny.

I also liked that Haley's mystery caller was the girl on the piano.  Lord, I *LOVED* her voice.  That was just awesome.  I hope she is going to continue being on the show.  And Haley as herself from high school was just cute.  I laughed so hard when Haley was turned away from the clown barbershop quartet.  That schtick was amusing too.

Jamie, Chuck, and the girl (I forgot her name) as Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, and Hermione Granger was just funny.  I loved how Chuck use his uncle to creep out Jamie and the girl was just too damn funny.

Next time, Brooke versus the monster-in-law Round 2....