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Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Review of One Tree HIll 8.07- Luck Be a Lady

Tonight's episode proved that you don't have to be a girl to be bitchy, luck is very fickle, and bridal expos are not the best way to bond with your mother-in-law....

First, the theme.  I loved this weeks.  It stayed true to the original while retaining its own individuality.  Very very well done.

Tonight had two major storylines, one of which encompassed several smaller storylines.  So, I think I review this episode by storyline rather than by character.

First, guys night out, aka Julian's excuse to bond with someone other than Brooke, aka "Let's watch the guys outbitch any girl."  Wow, and I thought girls could be bitchy.  These guys put any girl to shame.  The sheer amount of cattiness and bitchery present in the poker room was just amazing.  I know that some of it was just frustration, but some of it was just mean.  It was all really funny though.  I loved that Julian kept winning; even if Alex was cheating by dealing to him from the bottom of the deck; and that he was the only one not bitching at someone else.  Nathan kept going at Clay, Chase at both Mouth and Alex, Mouth back at Chase (or Chaste [LOVE that nickname]), and Skillz, Junk, and Fergie on the sidelines occasionally throwing something out.  And at last, we have explanations for nicknames.

Julian (to Skillz): What are you skilled at?
Skillz: Everything!

Fergies real name is Ferguson, Junk's parents owned a junkyard, and Mouth received his nickname courtesy of Nathan's dislike of his commentating and a punch to the mouth.  And how great was it that Clay though Julian was Jamie?  That had my sides busting.

Nathan was really upset about the humiliating experience with the Hawks.  Poor guy really should have been sent off with at least a basic idea of what was going on, but Clay was too distracted by Quinn being gone and his dancing (ok, how many of us just wanted to pause the tv and admire that butt?  ME!!  Ok, out of the gutter now....) to really give Nathan what he needed.  Fortunately, that didn't really matter because Nathan got his first client anyway.

And I always knew Skillz secretly had a mancrush on Lucas.  <snerk>  That was just too damn funny.  Particularly when Mouth awoke to find "Lucas" in his bed and Skillz sitting down with "Lucas' " arm behind his back.  <double snerk>

But the ultimate bitch of the week award goes to Chase.  I have to say that I never thought anyone could outbitch Bitchtoria, but Chase managed.  Between being totally mean to Alex and totally using Mia to make Alex jealous, Chase became a total jacka$$ tonight.  I cheered when Alex slapped him and was urging Mia on just before she did the same.  SCORE!

I will say that the one thing that sort of confused me about this storyline is that I could have sworn that Julian went on a camping trip last year for the same reason.  Not that I totally object to the story, but it was a little weird.

Storyline number two: Brooke v. Sylvia (aka the mother-in-law-to-be) at a bridal expo with Haley as the special guest.  I have no doubt that Sylvia means well, but she really needs to lighten up on the controlling factor.  Brooke wants the wedding to have elements that she wants, but Sylvia totally doesn't listen and insists on doing things her way.  At first, I have to say that I looked at Sylvia as the sweet-smiling-bitch type, which she may be, but I do think she wants the best.  Brooke just needs to figure out how to balance her wants with what Sylvia wants.  Hopefully Julian can help out in this arena.

I did love how Haley kept agreeing with Sylvia over Brooke.  That was just funny.  And the fact that Haley immediately agreed to come to the expo as soon as the words "ugly bridesmaid dresses" were out of Brooke's mouth was a riot.  And I am glad that Haley got Erin to come into the studio.  I figured that would happen, but it was nice to see anyway.  I am looking forward to seeing how this develops.

Next week, secrets and other revelations.  Sounds like we're getting really close to mid-season hiatus.....