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Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Review of One Tree Hill 8.09- Between Raising Hell and Amazing Grace

Thanksgiving at Nathan and Haley's.  Hail, hail the gang's all here....and their drama came with them...

As usual for this season, I will start with the theme.  I liked this weeks.  I especially liked the beginning.  It was a different style, but similar.  When the drums came it, it felt a bit more like an attempt to copy and not a new version.  It was good, but not my favorite.

Tonight had some moments that felt like an after school special.  I appreciate that Thanksgiving as a holiday lends itself to that particular type of story and this is not as after school special as some shows (here I think of Dawson's Creek's season 3 Thanksgiving episode), but there were points that were definitely a little to saccharine even for my tastes (and believe me, I *LOVE* sappy, saccharine movies and shows).  It is sort of hard to talk about different storylines tonight since everything was so mixed together, so let's take this by groups.

First, Nathan, Haley, and Clay.  Clay informed Nathan that he will need to get a college degree in order to be an agent.  I am a little surprised that Clay didn't know that Nathan doesn't have a degree.  Not super surprised, but they are such good friends and Clay tends to be so thorough that I would have thought he would know.  So, I assume Nathan is going back to school.  Fortunately, he is married to a great tutor, so I am sure she'll help him if needed.  But regardless, she will support him, and I am sure he'll make it.  And Nathan, trust Haley when she is making a ton of food.

Second, Mia v. Alex.  That was just hilarious.  From the football physicality to the insults being thrown about, this was hilarious.  Mia "bumps" Alex a couple of times and Alex retaliates by clotheslining Mia.  Which is followed by Mia hitting Alex on the head and then a brief cat fight.  Alex's being thankful for being hot and famous was so asking for it from Mia.  And may I say how glad I am that Jamie broke them up (at Nathan or Haley's instigation?).  This being followed by their learning that Chase wants neither one was just classic.  Speaking of Chase, I so did not understand the purpose of his being at the bar all alone getting drunk.  Although it did yield the amusing scene of him imitating a turkey while the lone customer stares and then walks away.

Third, Brooke v. Bitchtoria and Sylvia.  Brooke was so trying to be domestic and just failed.  Not sure how you catch a turkey on fire, but she managed.  Then Bitchtoria shows up and Brooke starts drinking.  I understand why Sylvia wanted Brooke and Bitchtoria to be together, but given their history and Brooke's statement that she didn't want anything to do with Bitchtoria, Sylvia definitely stepped over a line.  I know her heart is in the right place, but she seems to be constantly overstepping and getting herself into trouble.

On the subject of Sylvia, what is it with Skillz falling for older women?  First Deb and now Sylvia.  Although I did love the exchange between Skillz, Julian, and Nathan about that subject as well as the look exchanged between Sylvia and Skillz during the football game.

It was nice to see Quinn back.  She and Clay are happy together now, but I am worried about her.  Stalking their shooter is so not a good idea.  I am wondering where this is going.

As soon as Skillz starting talking about farm-fresh turkey, I knew what was going to happen.  It was still funny to watch though.

The overly saccharine moment for me was Haley's speech about being thankful.  I appreciate the sentiments, but something about it was a bit too much.  Not entirely sure what, but there was something.

Next week, Quinn continues to be a stalker....