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Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Review of One Tree Hill 8.11- Darkness on the Edge of Town

As far as mid-season finales go, this was a seriously tame episode.  No real cliffhangers, nothing to rope you back in for the next episode.  That being said, this was a good episode....

We're back with Gavin DeGraw as the theme singer.  Nice to hear, and definitely cool.

What is it about Tree Hill and storms?  Storms happen and wackiness ensues.  Everyone is in danger of one sort or another tonight, and somewhat surprisingly, all of the threats abated before the episode ended.  In a way I wish they had dragged it out over the hiatus, but I am sure there are reasons, so I won't bitch too much about it.

Let's start with the couple in the least danger, Nathan and Haley.  Their danger was more from Nathan getting seriously soaked changing a tire and Haley accidentally kicking over the can that held the lugnuts (I actually had to ask my brother for that word).  Then they drive to the bridge and see Jamie standing out in the rain.  They panic and look on in horror at what is happening.  Then we see them with Jamie in their bed.  That was seriously cute.  I did love how proud Nathan was of Jamie and how sure he was that Jamie was going to spell entrepreneur correctly.  His imitation of Dan was somewhat amusing, as was the fact that he instantly told Jamie how proud he was.  Speaking of the bridge....

I do believe we can officially call that bridge "The Bridge that no character shall go near."  Unless I am *VERY* much mistaken that is the bridge that Rachel drove the limo off of in the Season 3 finale.  The only reason I have any doubt is that the river seemed WAY too shallow to be the same river as that one.  It is possible that the river's depth fell.

I do want to know how Lauren's car flipped over.  It was definitely a relief to see that she seems to be ok and I do hope that Chuck is good.  He was definitely not doing too well when she left with him and Madison.  No matter how annoying he can be, no one wants to see a kid seriously hurt.

Brooke wins a huge medal.  She keeps her cool, knows what to do, and keeps Chuck and Madison calm while she helps Lauren.  She is somewhat inventive in trying to free Jamie from the car and quite firmly insisting that Julian help Jamie first.  Surprising?  No, but still cool.  I loved that she and Jamie had so much time together.  It was nice to see.  I also loved their talking about why Jamie let Madison win the spelling bee.  I was never worried that she wasn't going to make it because of discussions about her and Julian's wedding, so that moment wasn't as dramatic for me as it could have been.  I do want to smack her lightly for the low blows aimed at Julian early in the episode, but given what happened later on, I'll refrain.

Julian continues to rock and rock.  He tries to defuse a fight with Brooke where she is not fighting fair, rushes out to her when he thinks she is in trouble, rescues Jamie first, and stays with Brooke to get her out.  Finally, he keeps on going with CPR to get Brooke back.  He is willing to do what Brooke wants to keep her happy.

Finally, Quinn.  She who was in the most danger the entire time.  She was dealing with CrazyKatie who had a gun and then a knife.  I am glad that she fought back because she really needed to.  I was opposed to her hunting Katie down, but defending herself and taking back her life is more than worth it.  I am also glad that she didn't leave Katie to die or anything.  She kept her soul intact and defended herself at the same time.  Hopefully, this will end that particular storyline and we can move onto something else.

Well, OTH is on hiatus until January 26th!  I'll write you more then!