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Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Review of One Tree Hill 8.13- The Other Half of Me

I loved this episode.  It was so cute and yes, incredibly sappy.  Not a lot of plot, but some definite cute scenes and lots of fun.  But, hey, it's a wedding episode, so what else did you expect?

So not fond of the theme song.  Wasn't awful, but... <shudder>

So not sure where to start, so I'll start with Jamie.  I loved the whole subplot about him and Haley having a competition.  That was just fun.  His first speech, while very nice and eloquent, was so not him.  Nathan came to the rescue with the suggestion of opening with a quote from his favorite author.  By the way, just in case anyone was wondering (and you know you all were) it is from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (US edition p. 426) from Dumbledore to Harry Potter.  That and the story were just wonderful.  I thought it was so great that he took suggestions from both parents.  I am also seriously impressed that Jackson could remember all of that.  I am sure it took several takes, but that was alot to remember and say properly.

And now to the maid of honor.  I loved the callback to the "Every Night is Another Story" and Brooke calling Haley...."Brooke."  Her speech was nice and lovely.  And it so should have been from Peyton.  I understand why Hilarie couldn't come back, but not having Peyton there was just incredibly weird and felt totally wrong.  I am glad that we at least got a mention of both Lucas and Peyton, but not having them there was just not cool.

And what the hell is it with Skillz and his friends' mothers?  He really has this thing for older women.  Deb was definitely hot, Sylvia, not so much.  I did love his "Don't no one say nothing!"  That line had me rolling on the floor.

I am enjoying the bonding between Quinn and Alex.  Alex needs to have a real friend and Quinn seems to fill that void nicely.  I also felt sorry for Alex when we saw Chase and Mia in the limo.  May I just say that making out, etc., in a wedding limo that is not your own is so uncool?

I appreciated that Victoria was actually a good mom.  I also appreciated that Julian's parents actually got along.  Julian's dad dancing with Brooke was just very sweet and really cute.

The flashbacks to earlier times in Brooke and Julian's relationship was cool.  That dance Brooke did was cute and the memories that Julian had were just fun.  Their vows were nice.  And is it my imagination or is that the church that Lucas and Lindsey were supposed to be married in?

Next week, we get three superheroes....well sort of......